FISU Meditation Japan

We are delighted to inform you that we are developing a new centre in Tokyo that teaches our unique form of individually prescribed meditation and spiritual unfoldment.

Meditation Techniques

As you will read in various parts of this meditation website, FISU´s methods are unique in the world as meditation techniques are individually and personally prescribed for each person that comes to learn.

Meditation Classes

The course is based over 9 meetings or classes of 2-3 hours and takes approximately 3-6 months to complete.  Meetings are usually on an individual basis or in a small group.

Spiritual Unfoldment

FISU meditation is not only designed for deep and profound relaxation but Spiritual Unfoldment.  Meditation is the tool that takes us beyond the conscious or surface levels of the mind and allows us to dive deeply within, bypassing the sub-conscious mind and drawing on the super-conscious level of ourselves.  Through meditation, the energies that reside at this subtle level are infused in to the patterned or conditioned areas of the mind and being of a very subtle nature or force begin clearing those veiled areas so the light from within can shine forth.  It's an amazing journey!

For more details and to register for our first course in the Autumn of this year, please email: