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FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment is the home for Spiritual Seekers from around the globe.

Thousands of individuals in various countries enjoy our unique and personally prescribed Meditation and Spiritual practices. Regardless of colour, creed or culture, we are united in the Heart – for it is the Unfoldment of the Heart that is achieved through Meditation that brings that unity!

You can meditate under our system with or without religious beliefs and regardless of what background you come from. We have thousands of meditators all around the world that are from different religious, intellectual or social backgrounds and they all blend in perfectly. FISU is like a large family. The important matter is that through meditation you find out who you are on this beautiful journey of self-discovery.

FISU Meditation is a leading authority on meditation and spiritual unfoldment

Our techniques create natural integration between the three aspects of Man - Body, Mind and Spirit. The preparatory technique is responsible for creating this integration at the beginning of the course and forms of the basis on which you will build - the foundation for all other techniques and practices. This is such an important factor of our techniques as it regulates the autonomic nervous system at the same time and this will produce better health and relaxation in general. All this adds to the experience of self-discovery!

FISU is a non-denominational organisation and a registered educational non-profit (charity) in most countries where we operate. It, therefore, does not matter from which background you proceed, your beliefs or upbringing because by meditating under our system you will unfold yourself spiritually to commune in a totally natural way with that spirit within you.

We want to share this discovery and the endless benefits of meditation with you, and invite you to browse all the pages herein for more information.

Meditation Techniques - Enjoy the benefits of Meditation right now!

Our meditation courses are very informative which makes the process of learning meditation very enjoyable. Furthermore, our techniques are personally prescribed for each and, therefore, to learn meditation with FISU is in itself a unique experience. Our meditation course is based over an initial three-month period, during which you have meditation classes twice in the first week and then on average once every other week.

Natural Stress Management - no pills, no potions - Find a New You!

Spiritually unfold and let the Heart’s energies be the guiding force in your life, and let your mind be the vehicle to express this by achieving total self-integration. At the same time, remove all the stress and strain of modern-day living and enjoy this wonderful gift called life!

It’s so easy – it’s so simple – and it’s here right now, and it's very affordable!

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Welcome to the Path of Unfoldment

These teachings come from one of the greatest Avatar -Spiritual Masters of the 20th Century – Avatar - Gururaj Ananda Yogi. Since his passing on the 17th May 1988, his teachings have been promoted and propagated by Guru Rajesh Ananda and Jasmini Ananda Yogini, two of his prime disciples.

FISU’s headquarters are located in London, UK, but there are 70 centres around the world where our meditation courses are held. You can learn meditation in various locations and languages - just click on the appropriate flag above for more details.

There is a deep and profound philosophy behind our work that acts as a support system to the Spiritual aspirant, and when embraced, heightens the speed of progress.

Highly Trained Meditation Teachers

Our highly trained teachers are waiting to serve and guide you, but you have to walk the path yourself. Therefore, we give you personally prescribed meditation tools by which you can do this for yourself as these tools or practices harmonise with you in totality and lead you to the light within yourself.

“I try to inspire humanity to realise and to reach within themselves to find the joy that some of us have found. This is the mission and purpose of life - where life is not lived for oneself only, but to share with the world. One benefits most from sharing.

You can only share if you have something - and in that sharing, an expansion takes place. The Heart and the mind expand in greater awareness, and everything around us assumes a form that we would never have dreamt before. Everything becomes Divine and beautiful. In this beauty, we melt away into another world or dimension. We then bring the power and the force of that dimension back with us into this dimension."

.................Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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Our Meditation Courses run most weeks of the year, and there could be a teaching centre in your location. View our non-residential and residential courses and then locate your nearest teaching centre

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A unique system of individually prescribed meditation

The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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