Our translators work hard to help spread our message far and wide

FISU’s Translation Team

FISU’s Translation Team

For a relatively small organisation, our nine-language web site is a major task to keep current including the news, events and blog pages.

Rajesh and Jasmini would like to acknowledge the following FISU meditators for the hard work in keeping the translations from English up to date and with perfect prose and grammar.

With heartfelt thanks to our translation teams:


Carmen Acevedo

Marta Mesa Baquero

Lolos Costa Cisar


Naruna Kleanthous

Maro Pipi


Arla Kytökivi

Marita Laihonen

Santosh Mattsson


Santosh Mattsson

Barbro Tier


Ekaterina Loseva


Chandrika Sadhana

Bhavita Nielsen

Ulla Larsen

Claus Bronke

Janujee Sadhana

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