FISU´s Guru & Spiritual Teacher - Rajesh Ananda

Guru Rajesh Ananda

FISU´s Guru & Spiritual Teacher - Rajesh Ananda

Rajesh Ananda was born in Barking, Essex, England in 1959. (Bi-lingual English - Spanish (Castellano y Rioplatense).

Rajesh’s earlier life has been a preparation for a divine mission on which he has now embarked. He has been bestowed with a great responsibility that only one with great purity of heart and love could ever dream of taking on.

The name Rajesh Ananda means in spiritual terms “Lord of Kings who is Divine Love”. For all those who know Rajesh or have heard him speak will know that he is truly a King of Love; love not as an emotion, but rather a state of consciousness, a “state of being”.

His face is universal, kind and loving with gentility in his voice. This gentility is a reflection of deep love, so subtle that to be in his presence can soothe an aching heart, while his words of wisdom can untangle the most confused mind.  He speaks effortlessly, so simple and profound is his message of love and truth that comes from the heart to touch your heart.

He has a common touch

His friendly nature and common touch can seem so ordinary at times, but within there is power, extraordinary is his love, forever giving and teaching, pushing the spiritual aspirant onwards and upwards to realise the divinity within.

His humility, kind nature and mischievous smile remind you of the innocence of a child - all traits of one so pure, forever sparkling and shining before you.

It is that spiritual power or shakti that can elevate so many minds and hearts, regardless of their own limitations.

The spiritual path he teaches is truly a golden path and he is often referred to as the “Golden boy”, for everything he touches turns to gold and is successful, energising those around him like a dynamo.

Rajesh + Jasmini

Rajesh met Jasmini in 1979 and she introduced him to meditation.  Afterwards, they fell in love and became a couple. Together this profound relationship merged hand in hand, heart in heart as one entity and they became teachers for Gururaj.  They were both involved with his work in the UK and internationally, and ran the London operations.  They came to know him on a personal level at the beginning as his cooks on residential courses. Jasmini is an excellent cook and her style of cooking appealed to his palate.  Afterwards, whenever he came to England he would always stay with them.  They both felt very honoured that a Great Spiritual Master would stay in a humble terraced house in the East End of London.

Whilst he stayed in London with the pair he would teach them many things and they would sit up for hours discussing philosophical subjects.  This was all a preparation for things to come.

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A life-changing moment

On the evening of the 31st August 1986, Gururaj Ananda Yogi made a telephone call to Rajesh that would change his life forever. He was told that he would be Gururaj Ananda’s “Spiritual Heir” and that his mission was to keep the teachings of Gururaj alive. Rajesh was not surprised at this but was overjoyed to hear this confirmation from the lips of one so great, and so Rajesh and Jasmini promised him that they would keep his teachings alive until their very last breath.

When Gururaj passed away in 1988, Rajesh began his work and started teaching, giving Satsangs and helping the new organisation that he and Jasmini formed called FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment to establish itself.  Gururaj had laid the foundation, and from that foundation, FISU would promote and propagate this divine message of love, truth and hope.

Now a leading expert

Today, Rajesh is considered one of the leading experts on Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment in the world.  He is sometimes invited to speak at symposiums on these subjects around the globe.

FISU has opened centres in a number of different countries and has many more planned.

Rajesh’s second language is Spanish and he hopes to establish more centres in Spain and Latin America over the next few years so that the Spanish-speaking communities can be exposed to these unique teachings.

So the message continues: the three hearts of Gururaj, Rajesh and Jasmini merged as one universal spiritual force, a trinity forever reaching and teaching the message of love and truth. Through these teachings, under the guidance of Rajesh Ananda and Jasmini Ananda, we can all reach our full potential and realise the Divinity within.

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