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There’s much talk about mental health today, and that’s very positive as previously most people were just scared of the mention of mental health problems.

My take on this is that the stresses of modern-day life have caught up with us.  We can no longer escape the pressure, and it is directly affecting each and everyone one of us.

Here in my hometown of London, UK, the average working week is 2-3 hours greater than European workers, plus we have some of the most extended commuting times in the world to get to our jobs ranging from 45-150 minutes.  That’s evidence that we have less free or leisure time.  Add the responsibilities of being a householder with a family, or a carer – and already you can see that there is immense pressure to balance life successfully.   And, the truth is – most people do not!

Being out of balance by struggling to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle is the first stage to a declining mental state where our mind is never at peace because of external and internal pressure to keep everything in balance.

As you may have heard me say previously or in another lecture (Satsang), the precursor to stress is fear.

If you analyse your stress objectively, you will see that you fear something. Generally, that feeling is of some form of loss, loss of someone or something, of face, or confidence to do something, or inability to perform a task or responsibility.

Stress produces negative energies which are denser than positive energies which are finer, and it depresses our self-esteem, which leads to depression.  That heavy, dense negativity pushed us downwards. That feeling of heaviness is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives.

If we are subjected to long periods of unresolvable stress, this will affect our mental health.  However, we want to halt the downward spiral while it is still within our control.

Meditation is very successful in improving our mental health as it deals directly with our number one enemy – stress!

Regular practice reduces our stress levels significantly.  Strength resides at the deeper regions of the mind where we journey during meditation.

As we meditate, we neutralise those negative thoughts and emotions that have built up over time, and the mind cannot be a vacuum, so these are replaced with positive ones.

The whole structure of our mind changes giving us calm, clarity and strength. Through this process, our emotions are quietened, and we feel more stable with fewer mood swings.  The clouds of the mind disperse, and some sunshine from the superconscious self begins to peep through.  We have new bursts of happiness that increase over time. We feel everything in our lives is in better balance and this will be evident with greater harmony in relationships, at work and within ourselves.

I promise you, meditation is so simple to do and is a drug-free way to gaining back balanced mental health.

It’s easy – let me show you how….

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