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Beat the summertime blues with meditation techniques


Are you feeling a bit stressed out at the moment and not really up for going to work after the summer holidays? Well, don’t worry – you’re certainly not alone, as research has just revealed that 61% of Britons dread the return to the office after time away at this time of year… a feeling that could be managed effectively through meditation techniques.

Figures from Bupa indicate that 64% of workers in the UK feel under additional pressure at work in the summer because they have to do the work of colleagues who are away, as well as all their own.

And it seems that being on holiday doesn’t mean you’re free from work-related stress either, as the research also found that 54% of you worry about all the emails that are amassing in your inbox while you’re away, while 32% of you are concerned that work will phone you and you’ll have to respond.

Medical director at the trust Dr Tim Woodman explained that anxiety, depression and stress aren’t just winter issues and business owners need to make sure that they focus on the wellbeing of their employees, regardless of the time of year.

“Practical steps must be taken to ensure staff are not inadvertently overloaded with work and remain productive and motivated,” he went on to say.

Meditation and mindfulness could really help employees beat any stress and anxiety they may be feeling and, in fact, an increasing number of companies offer such forms of therapy to help their members of staff.

Benefits include a greater clarity of mind, better health and freedom from mental health conditions like depression. In fact, you could see the effects of meditation almost immediately, if you do it for between 20 and 30 minutes twice a day for a week.


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