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Is conscious effort ever wasted? No, Never!

Effort and Results at work using meditation

As this is the first week back to work for most of us and a new year, let´s examine our work ethics in relation to effort.

So many people tell me, “I worked like a Trojan for my company and they did not reward me” or “they fired me in a reshuffle”. That divine force is always pushing us forward along our evolutionary path, so why would it not also push us out the front door if that was also for our good. However, were you in the “effort” credit balance; did you do your best – made effort?

No Effort – No Reward!

Statistics tell us that some 87% of people are not happy in their jobs, so this also means that 87% of people are probably not making much effort. (Gallup Poll Results) No effort – no reward! We can easily get into the old mental trap,” I am not appreciated so why should I bother”.

Despite the old anecdote “wasted time and effort”, in the wider universe that can be untrue even if the desired outcome was not achieved. Every morsel of effort we make stays with us – it´s like a credit balance.

All the conscious effort we have made is ours and no one can take that from us. Call it credits – or whatever phrase serves it best.

The vehicle that creates change is “Conscious Effort”

Apart from life, one of the greatest gifts we all have is “free will”. This allows us to determine our own destiny. The vehicle that creates change is “conscious effort” and when exercised can make incredible changes to our lives.

Therefore, every morsel of our efforts stay with us and we will reap that in the sense of a better job with better prospects, or better remuneration at work, or just better conditions and opportunities in life.

Changing Perception

A greater understanding of these facts change our total perception on conscious effort in our job or life in general. We are actually in charge despite having a boss! How lovely is that – as our credit will always be there waiting to assist us in some way.

It´s a far better predicament to be in control of your destiny – in command and free to make your own decisions. We work more ethically and ecologically then nothing is wasted.

Of course, conscious effort is a continual requirement as we will no doubt spend those credits somehow and they need to be replenished. Therefore, with this new understanding we are now working more ethically and ecologically – nothing is wasted.

Part of the FISU Meditation course stresses that for your spiritual unfoldment to be effective, you need to combine regular practice with conscious effort in daily living – pushing yourself a little further each day to be active instead of inert.

Actually, being much calmer because of meditating helps so much as you become more objective and self-aware – more mindful. This leads to greater self-esteem, of which the main benefit is “confidence”. Often the difference between success and failure is confidence (plus having a more concentrated mind – a benefit of our special visual meditation practice).

Effort is a powerful energy at our command 24-7. When we understand these basic rules of the universe, our attitude changes. In addition, our new attitude and understanding will make us more successful in anything we do in life, and through that we will find great contentment and happiness!

……Rajesh Ananda
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