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Creating the perfect meditation environment in the office

Create a Meditation Room in your office

While a place of work may not seem like an obvious place where people stop to meditate, many forward-thinking companies are realising that providing a meditation environment for their staff may actually lead to a happier, more contented workforce and higher productivity, two things that companies are always striving towards.

Why meditate?

Meditation helps a person to be more aware of themselves, thereby inducing a feeling of mindfulness, the current buzzword, as well as being more aware of others. Meditation helps to calm the mind, so that problems do not become insurmountable and stressful, and may actually help to find successful solutions.

Meditation area basics

Ultimately, if you want a happier and more productive workforce, you should consider creating a meditation space in the office. This will take some serious thought, as unfortunately, not just any old room will do. Noise and other distractions, such as harsh artificial lights, will be counter-productive in a meditation room, so areas where these are present should be avoided. The meditation room should be in a quiet spot, as far away as possible from the main work hub, and it should feature as much sunlight as possible, as the sun’s rays are very good for both physical and mental health. It is recommended to choose a room that receives early morning sun rather than in the late afternoon, as employees benefit most by meditating before work begins.

In terms of decoration, the walls should be painted or papered in a soothing colour and vibrant or dynamic patterns should be avoided. Potted plants will help to create a soothing and healthy atmosphere.

Work life must continue

It is vital that the meditation area does not interfere with the running of the office or take up space that could be better utilised. One way to ensure that the space is best utilised is to give it a dual purpose. For example, the room could serve as a meditation room at a designated time of day, say between 7am and 9am, and then it becomes a rest zone, or chill out room, for the rest of the day. This duality is fairly easy to achieve. After all, a meditation environment and chill out zone can make do with the same things, such as a table for drinks and comfortable chairs, such as a chaise lounger. Beanbags are a good alternative and are perhaps a more practical choice for a dual-purpose room, as they can be moved around easily. If the floor is hard, such as wooden flooring or industrial carpet tiles, a rug is another piece of furnishing to consider.

Meditation is not simply a case of closing your eyes and letting your mind drift away; it takes time to practice and perfect. If you are thinking of setting up a meditation environment to improve both the lives of your employees and your business, you might also consider hiring a meditation teacher to set your staff on the right path until they can achieve mindfulness all by themselves.
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