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Depression & Stress ‘Age Girls Prematurely’


Meditation training courses could help young girls who are more prone to feelings of stress and depression, with research now suggesting that such mental health conditions could in fact see them age prematurely.

According to a study from Stanford University, those with a family history of depression react to certain stressful situations by releasing more cortisol, large amounts of which scientists now believe can actually cause real damage to the organs and immune system.

This demographic also appeared to have telomeres (Chromosomes) shorter by the equivalent of six years in adults, with previous studies revealing that shorter telomeres are associated with premature death, chronic disease and higher frequencies of infections in adults.

The university’s professor Ian Gotlib observed that exercise has been proven to be effective in delaying adulthood telomere shortening so girls deemed a high risk should consider learning a few techniques to reduce their stress levels.

Meditation can do a lot to help alleviate the symptoms of stress by teaching people how to properly relax. To begin, set aside a minimum of 20 minutes twice a day to practice.


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