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Tackle Employee Absenteeism ‘With Meditation Training Courses’

employee absenteeism

A group of peers and MPs has suggested that public servants like nurses, prison officers and teachers could well benefit from going on meditation training courses or similar in order to help prevent employee absenteeism.

Co-chair of the group MP Chris Ruane observed that mindfulness and meditation training could be rolled out in key professions where a “big burn out” is evident in order to help professionals manage their stress levels and keep depression and anxiety at bay, the Guardian reports.

Tracey Crouch MP made further comments, saying: “Absenteeism costs the public sector a lot and giving people mindfulness training could save money in the short and long term.”

Some professional groups are already making use of these ancient techniques, which aim to increase people’s awareness of the present, to help members of staff. Health workers, schools and prisons have all held classes at one point or other, with many reported benefits.

Meditation Creates Positive Changes & Mental Health Benefits

It is the start of a new year, which is the perfect time to try something new, especially if you are keen to make positive life changes in order to benefit your mental health and wellbeing. Statistics from the Mental Health Foundation appear to support the practice of mindfulness and meditation, revealing that 72 per cent of GPs believe the practice would be of great benefit to their patients.

To begin with, just do 20-30 minutes of meditation twice a day and you could soon see your negative thoughts and emotions melt away, leaving you feeling much freer and more content, better able to handle any stressful situations that come your way.  Complete the form below to ask further questions or to enrol on one of our courses.