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Monday morning is a highly stressful day for many people. It is the time when people return to work or school after the weekend. If the weekend was long, such as a three-day weekend because of a public holiday, it could be more stressful than the average end to the weekend.

If returning to work occurs after a holiday, the level of stress can be the most stressful of all. If either work or school is unpleasant or, worse, hated, getting up to go to start the day can be extremely difficult. Even those people who like their job or school can find starting the week a testing experience. If you fall into the category of people who experience this stress and depression on Monday morning you are not alone.

The highest blood pressure levels of a group of people measured over a week were highest on a Monday morning as people got ready for work.

Fear is the cause of stress – nothing else!

Fear is a natural part of us that is part of our system of self-preservation. Accidentally put your finger on a hot kettle, and you´ll see this in full action. Watch a deer´s expression while being chased by a lion – fear is part of every living creature, and this sense will always lead us to try to preserve ourselves. The evolution of the human race is another example of fantastic preservation against all other odds.


That’s what my Guru – Gururaj Ananda Yogi taught me. So true!

Here´s a few more pointers to help you start your day perfectly and keep it on track!

• Meditate before you go to work
• Always do the most difficult and challenging tasks first on arrival at work
• As your mind wanders to the negative – push those negative thoughts away
• Focus on the job or task in hand and not on the one that needs to be done next
• Ensure you have in your head your priorities related to your duties, tasks or to-dos
• You might have a long task list – action each by priority
• Use a favourite pen if you are writing or taking notes
• Have your personal space just right – comfy chair, right height screen, tidy desk etc
• Ignore social media and do not be a slave to your phone
• Enjoy and become absorbed in what you are doing – absorption brings satisfaction
• Balance time constraints so you are organised and not under pressure
• Do any spiritual practices you have been prescribed during the day to maintain energy levels
• Don´t forget your evening meditation
Repetitive Tasks can seem tedious but everything has a need, so have the right attitude toward them

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