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Meditation can help you to become a better actor

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Meditation can help Actors

Moountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Meditation is the perfect practice for actors, not only to calm first night nerves, increase focus and concentration, but it helps the actor to exude the character of the person they are playing, understanding the character, getting into the character’s state of mind and portraying them perfectly by creating the “presence” needed on stage or screen. Having greater focus through a calmer mind also enables an actor to learn their lines more effectively and quickly.

Every facial expression and gesture tells a story and feeling more connected with the character is easier when we meditate as it brings to the fore our greater creativity and the ability to feel a state of oneness with our portrayed character. It allows the actor to focus more on the other actors or audience instead of worrying about themselves.

Acting is indeed an art and undoubtedly, here in the UK we benefit from some of the best TV and theatre in the world.

Historically we have had many actors in FISU, some like Anton Lesser (currently appearing on your screen in the Wolf Hall drama) and Niamh Cusack have had wonderful careers. Other famous actors that meditate include: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, David Lynch, Orlando Bloom, Eva Mendes and of course, probably the most famous meditator of all actors, Richard Gere.

It’s a very difficult industry and very few make it to the bright lights. That said, it is a huge industry and one can no doubt make a good living should the right opportunities arise.

FISU UK Meditator and budding actress, Shermin Hassan, is near the end of her training at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and will appear in two public performances as follows:

Date: Thursday, 5th and Friday, 6th February 2015

Time: 12.30

Venue: Criterion Theatre

2 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 4XA

Entrance is free on a first-come-first-served basis and everyone is invited to attend (FISU Meditators and partners only).  Shermin tells us:

“As an actor, meditation has given me the confidence, courage and commitment to take on any role with gusto and humility.

It has enabled me to keep my nerves under control and allowed me to keep focused whilst under immense pressure to deliver. It has helped me develop personable skills and has helped with fear of failure by keeping things in the present moment.

I feel a closer connection to something beyond myself and also my craft. Meditation has made me feel extremely positive and ready to enter a very competitive and demanding industry. Acting is very much a journey and I’m forever grateful that I have meditation as my foundation”…..Shermin Hassan

We wish you every success Shermin and look forward to watching your unfolding career.

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  1. Gem Hassan

    Beautifully put Shermin, as always.
    So very, very proud of you and all your achievements to date. Well done!
    Namaste and love forever. xx

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