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How To Identify Stress


Stress can be a very difficult condition to detect and manage, but it can have devastating effects on a person’s health, which is why you need to do all you can to identify what is causing it and take steps to deal with the problem. Taking meditation classes could be a great way of minimising how stress affects you and your daily life.

If you think you’re suffering, look for symptoms like memory lapses, becoming easily distracted or being unable to concentrate and make simple decisions, a drop in creativity, more negative thinking and an increase in your worry levels. It could be that you’ve become more tearful, irritable and defensive, or lack any motivation. Perhaps your self-esteem and confidence have dropped, or maybe you’re experiencing terrible mood swings.

There are other physical signs as well, such as aches and pains, frequent colds, skin irritations, dizziness, indigestion, weight loss or gain, heart problems or tiredness. Check for behavioural signs too, such as increased reliance on smoking, coffee or alcohol, becoming a workaholic, social withdrawal or absenteeism.

November 5th 2014 is National Stress Awareness Day, so why don’t you do something to really help yourself today and see if you can’t improve your general health and wellbeing? Organisers of the campaign The International Stress Management Association are asking people to stop and consider what causes stress in your life and try to make a positive change about it today.

Give meditation a go if you can’t decide what to try first. Even just a few minutes in meditation can do an awful lot to restore your inner calm, so if you want to feel more at peace with yourself, why not give it a try.


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