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Knowing the Superconscious Mind

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The Superconscious Mind

Chela (Student or Follower):  Will a person, who meditates continuously, know when the superconscious forces of himself control and guide his mind?

Gururaj:  Beautiful. What gives you the recognition of the superconscious mind controlling your mind? The superconscious level of your mind does not control.

The controlling factor of the mind is the conscious level, influenced by the subconscious level. The superconscious level of the mind, which is the subtlest realm of relativity, is energising but not controlling.

Through meditation, how do you know the value of the superconscious mind? What cognises the superconscious level? It is not your conscious mind and neither your subconscious mind, but the superconscious mind becomes aware of itself, not in any form of analysis, but it becomes aware of itself experientially.

Emanating love and joy

So reaching that deeper level of the finest relative, it experiences itself, like a flame experiencing itself in its own effulgence, like the sun experiencing itself through the light it emanates.

Therefore, when one reaches the superconscious level, it experiences itself. It is aware of itself, and then, being aware of itself, it has to express itself. How does it express itself? Through the various layers of the lower minds, the subconscious and the conscious mind, it expresses itself as joy and love.

So the experiencer experiences without any aid; the flower does not wilfully give off fragrance, it becomes the nature of the flower to give off fragrance. In the same way, the superconscious level exudes this joy, which permeates your entire system.

Then you do not say, “I love,” you say, “I am love.” Be that; be love. When you say, “I love,” it shows a need; it shows the difference, the duality, between subject and object.

There is objectivity and subjectivity, and there is the discriminating line between the two that separates the subject from the object, because you need to love.

Moreover, whenever there is a need, there is a dependency.  In addition, wherever there is a dependency, you are in bondage and not in freedom.

The superconscious level of the mind is forever free

The superconscious level of the mind is forever free and experiences its own freedom; and these things are so easy to gain.  By a simple process of meditation, that takes you deep within yourself, you gather all these qualities.

Have your garden beautiful – have lovely flowers in your garden and the butterflies come automatically. You do not need to call them, “come butterfly, come butterfly, come butterfly.”  No – they will be attracted to the garden.

Let the garden be beautiful, and the butterflies come automatically. They enhance the beauty of your garden; colour adds onto colour; your pink and yellow roses are so enhanced when the butterfly alights on it. So simple. (US32-32)

…..Gururaj Ananda Yogi
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