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Huffington Post Dubbed 2014 as the Year of “Living Mindfully”

Mindfulness of Heartfulness

You would think that everyone knows how to relax? Evidently not. I wasn’t very good at it for one when I was a teenager before I learnt to meditate, and neither are many other people these days – so full of hyper-stress are our lives with work, a social life and family,  that we’ve forgotten not only how to relax, to focus but also how to chill out completely.

Our technological gadgets keep us connected to our responsibilities and demand our continual attention, invading our space.

Proper relaxing, when it relates to our mind, equals meditation. From practising meditation, we can become mindful, and from mindfulness we hone our ability to focus.

Is it a coincidence that the popularity of mindfulness and meditation are currently on the rise?

Mindfulness was the buzzword of last year, with everyone from Oprah to Linkedln’s Jeff Weiner getting mindful.

Huffington Post called 2014 the “year of living mindfully“, and Time magazine ran interesting articles about ‘The Mindful Revolution‘.

Meditation, Mindfulness and quiet or down time are fast becoming the hottest new commodities, too. Corporates are targeting our busyness problem with great success.

From software such as Rescuetime to apps (HeadSpace, as an example), entrepreneurial start-ups have noticed our need to escape from the stresses of modern day living.

Just going on holiday doesn’t suffice any more, real downtime is now a precious commodity, and that means it can be sold at a premium.

Thankfully, a FISU Meditation course won´t break the bank and is reasonably priced and we´ll have you relaxing to new depths within a week.

So, remember – if you want to live “Mindfully” – it´s more effective to learn meditation first, because true awareness is unfolded from within.

Nothing wrong with trying to be mindful, but it´s better it is directed from an unfolded heart, a benefit of our meditation system, rather than an expanded ego solely on the mind level.

……..Rajesh Ananda

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