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Why Meditate? A testimonial to 40 years of meditating under FISU

40 years of Meditating under FISU

Rami Gould celebrated 40 years of meditating under FISU in December 2016.

I first started meditating with FISU techniques at the age of twenty, in 1976. I had been, “searching,” for several years, as life seemed to somehow lack meaning and fulfilment. I enjoyed my studies and friendships; I practised Hatha Yoga, but still something seemed to be missing. All too often, life seemed to be more painful than pleasurable.

Whilst at college, I found myself inextricably drawn to a free introductory talk on meditation at Chiswick Library. As the teacher spoke, for the first time in my life, I felt a deep resonance with what she was saying and knew that I had to learn more.

Within three weeks of starting the course, my life was transformed. I suddenly started to be my real self, instead of the person I thought I should be.  I became more confident, when dealing with difficult relationships, saying what I thought, without worrying about what others thought of me. I had more energy and a much greater enjoyment of life. My attitude had changed so that problems had become challenges, which were merely opportunities to develop greater strength and mastery in my life. I felt more intuitive and found it easier to make, what had been, difficult decisions.

I was amazed that such simple meditation practices were so powerful. By spending twenty to thirty minutes, meditating twice a day, I had found myself feeling deeply connected to a sense that everything was all right and there was nothing to fear. I developed a greater sense of self-worth. I found life to be more beautiful. I became more patient, understanding and compassionate with others.

Over the years, I have faced many different challenges.  Meditation has been the best toolkit I could ever have hoped for, in helping me deal with those challenges. My FISU techniques and the love and wisdom of my gurus have been the raft, which has helped me surf life’s turbulence, instead of being dragged down or tossed around. Regardless of what is going on around me, I feel at peace.

So, this is why I meditate.

Rami (Pictured here)

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