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Meditation…..fine tuning for our Radio Show – Reg&G Show

Graham Wye of FISU Meditation is a top DJ with Shoreditch Radio
Graham Wye of Shoreditch Radio´s Reg & G Show with Jasmini Ananda

Graham Wye of Shoreditch Radio’s Reg & G Show with Jasmini Ananda

My dear friend Reggie and I started the Reg&G Show for Shoreditch Radio just over two and half years ago at the ´´reggieluvsyoustudio’. We are now the most popular show on Shoreditch Radio and have recently presented a live show on Stomp FM.

Shoreditch is an independent radio station playing new music, independent dance and a variety of alternative sounds, focusing on Shoreditch and East London’s local creatives.

The radio show is broadcast over Mixcloud – the world’s leading platform for on-demand radio. You can be inspired by the discovery of new music and ideas from a community of over half a million recognised DJs and radio presenters.

Meditation has been an immense help to me in this period. Often stuck for a new idea for the show’s format I would meditate, hop in the shower and bingo – ideas would come to me! The same with promotions, global collaborations and interviewing and recording artists in the studio, meditation gives me confidence, and more importantly focus.

Our 100th show entitled “Namaste” I dedicated to FISU, it was a huge hit worldwide.

You can hear the special show here:

Namasté (15 November 2014) – Reg and G Guest Mix by Luc Forlorn on Mixcloud

The show reached No.1 on Mixcloud

I started meditating in 2008 as I saw the benefits my wife Sylvia experienced, and she is now a FISU Meditation teacher for the Chingford area of London.  I then worked in the City and my teacher, the one and only ‘Jasmini’ taught me to meditate which quickly showed me the benefits on how to handle the stress, anger and greed that was, and still is, what drives that unfortunate place. So, a successful trader for many years and then a fantastic DJ! (Mmm must sort the ego out)….  Thank you Beloved Rajesh, and my governor Jasmini, for showing me the path to this inner strength.

Graham Wye aka the G-man, Reg&G Show…..Check us out on Mixcloud….

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