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Next Big Thing 2017 - Meditation

It’s evident that the demand for meditation courses in London is rapidly expanding.  FISU’s Guru and meditation master, Rajesh Ananda reports that one of the “BIG THINGS” of 2017 will be Meditation becoming as mainstream as Yoga”.  FISU is responding accordingly.

Expanded Availability of Free Introductory Talks at Lunchtime @ 12.45 and Evening @ 19.45

FISU continues to expand in the City of London at its Moorgate Teaching Centre.  From next week, lunchtime sessions will commence, the first on Thursday, 19th January from 12.45 – for an hour.

Furthermore, there will be later sessions at 19.45 (usually 18.30) on some days to appeal to the banking, technology, recruitment, marketers, lawyers and sales people who historically work the longest hours in the City of London.  FISU Moorgate is also open all day on Saturday and Sunday but operates on an appointment basis.

Greater relaxation through Meditation allows you to act instead of reacting in an “Immediate Response” society

Despite BIG THING technologies moving forward in 2017 such as “Live” become more mainstream from Facebook, Voice search will mature, and Virtual Reality will evolve for training and education, however technology develops, man stills has the challenge of coping in an “immediate response” society and has to learn to pause – be calm and collected and have the ability to respond rather than react in any given situation.

When pressured, we react to counter the pressure. After practising meditation for a short while, we act rather than react with greater objectivity, so we can decide to pause or fast forward according to the needs of the situation.  Acting in this manner equates to less friction or stress in our day.



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