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Meditation Techniques used by “Inmates” To Quit Smoking

Meditation to Stop Soming

Meditation techniques are being used at one prison in Scotland to help the inmates quit smoking, with the eight-week course in mindfulness meditation exploring topics such as emotions, thoughts and kindness, while helping those involved handle their tobacco cravings.

Official figures show that over 70 per cent of prisoners in Scotland smoke, with the Scottish Prison Service determined to make the jails in the country entirely smoke-free, according to the Daily Express.

One inmate, speaking after completing the mindfulness meditation course, observed: “I didn’t really expect anything but the meditation has given me a better sense of wellbeing.

This comes after Labour MP Chris Ruane told the Commons that meditation could help prisoners do a lot to reduce their violent tendencies and help them be better people when they are no longer behind bars, teaching them greater personal balance and a better sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Meditation and mindfulness can have a real and long-lasting impact on an individual’s life by helping them to relax both physically and mentally, as well as reducing any feelings of depression, anxiety and stress that they may be experiencing.

Learning the techniques is not difficult and they can be picked up almost immediately. Simply by practising certain methods a couple of times a day for about half an hour each time, you’ll be surprised at how differently you view various situations which in the past may have caused you a great deal of worry.

If you’re thinking of making a real change this new year, meditation could be the way to go about it.


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