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Bring Natural Balance To The Mind

Meditation bringing Balance---Body-Mind-&-Spirit

Through meditational practices, we bring greater balance in the mind. There is a balancing of the impressions (Samskaras or memories) which constitute the mind.

Through these practices we allow the light to cover the darkness as spiritual practices are aimed at bringing light into life.

What has brought all the turbulence, turmoil, suffering, and misery within you? Your mind. That is all.

The mind is just a patterning, a bringing together of various kinds of impressions that are forever ready to associate themselves with the things you are thinking of now.

That association brings about greater strength to the thought you have in your mind now, be it good or bad. It feeds whatever is brought to the fore in your conscious mind.

Through meditation, there is a hotline where you can go beyond, transcend all the impressions in the subconscious mind and reach the superconscious level.

We draw from there and fill the conscious mind with those energies, which in turn would reflect on the unconscious levels and make them clearer and clearer.

Meditation and spiritual practices are designed to rid oneself of these binding patternings.

The patternings are a stain or dirt on the glass window, and the practices help one to cleanse the window so the full force of the Absolute can shine through.

…….Gururaj Ananda Yogi 

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