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Graham Wye of FISU Meditation is a top DJ with Shoreditch Radio

Meditation…..fine tuning for our Radio Show – Reg&G Show


My dear friend Reggie and I started the Reg&G Show for Shoreditch Radio just over two and half years ago at the ´´reggieluvsyoustudio’. We are now the most popular show on Shoreditch Radio and have recently presented a live show on Stomp FM. Shoreditch is an independent radio station playing new music, independent dance and

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Mindfulness of Heartfulness

Huffington Post Dubbed 2014 as the Year of “Living Mindfully”


You would think that everyone knows how to relax? Evidently not. I wasn’t very good at it for one when I was a teenager before I learnt to meditate, and neither are many other people these days – so full of hyper-stress are our lives with work, a social life and family,  that we’ve forgotten

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26 Fetal Stages for Meditation

How Stress Affects Your Unborn Child


Certain meditation techniques could well benefit pregnant women, as new research has suggested that increased stress levels may affect the growth of their unborn child, as well as their long-term health. Conducted by researchers at the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at Cambridge University, the study found that levels of glucocorticoids in mice –

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Meditation can help Actors

Meditation can help you to become a better actor

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Meditation is the perfect practice for actors, not only to calm first night nerves, increase focus and concentration, but it helps the actor to exude the character of the person they are playing, understanding the character, getting into the character’s state of mind and portraying them perfectly by creating the “presence” needed on stage or

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Meditation to Stop Soming

Meditation Techniques used by “Inmates” To Quit Smoking


Meditation techniques are being used at one prison in Scotland to help the inmates quit smoking, with the eight-week course in mindfulness meditation exploring topics such as emotions, thoughts and kindness, while helping those involved handle their tobacco cravings. Official figures show that over 70 per cent of prisoners in Scotland smoke, with the Scottish

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employee absenteeism

Tackle Employee Absenteeism ‘With Meditation Training Courses’


A group of peers and MPs has suggested that public servants like nurses, prison officers and teachers could well benefit from going on meditation training courses or similar in order to help prevent employee absenteeism. Co-chair of the group MP Chris Ruane observed that mindfulness and meditation training could be rolled out in key professions

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Showing Meditation at No 4 in Google Trends for 2014

“How to Meditate” No. 4 in Google Trends Results in 2014

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It’s wonderful news to see that the term “How to Meditate” was ranked 4th in the Google Trends UK results for 2014, and it’s the first time the word “meditate” has ever entered these charts. As a prominent, international meditation school we have definitely seen an increase in visitors, enquiries and new students. This is

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Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie – France Unity March


We watch in awe and solidarity the Paris “France Unity March” – the coming together of so many individuals from many religions, beliefs and nationalities showing their solidarity against terrorism, demonstrating human compassion and unity. These events reiterate how important our work is that through meditation and spiritual practices one no longer feels a divide

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Effort and Results at work using meditation

Is conscious effort ever wasted? No, Never!


As this is the first week back to work for most of us and a new year, let´s examine our work ethics in relation to effort. So many people tell me, “I worked like a Trojan for my company and they did not reward me” or “they fired me in a reshuffle”. That divine force

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Jyotish with Rajesh Ananda & Jasmini Ananda

Togatherings – Following the Light – A Meditator’s Journey


At the beginning of the year, I could not have imagined that I will be able to follow Rajesh and Jasmini to the various countries for all the Togatherings. Now, looking back, I am so amazed by the fact that I achieved it and I managed to attend the Spanish, Cypriot, UK, Finnish and the

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