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Ski & Snowboarding During Winter at FISU Bergsonne

Meditation + Ski = Amazing

Meditation + Ski = Amazing!

Are you a winter sports fan? FISU’s retreat centre, Bergsonne, located in Oberstaufen in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, is just 10 minutes from the ski slopes where you can do a variety of winter sports, as well as enjoying some peace and tranquility in the Bavarian Alps. Bergsonne is reasonably priced considering its well-appointed, luxurious apartments.

Read more about Winter Sports on offer at Bergsonne.

What’s more, we have two resident teachers running the property, Jaidev and Ralf, who are there to assist in any way possible. You can also have a re-vamp of your meditation and spiritual practices whilst you are there, should this be required.

Here are the prices for the winter ski season:

10 January 2015 – 30 January 2015

2 guests = EUR 60.00 per person per night
4 guests = EUR 48.00 per person per night

31 January 2015 – 11 February and 22 February 2015 - 15 March 2015

2 guests = EUR 75.00 per person per night
4 guests = EUR 60.00 per person per night

12 February 2015 – 21 February 2015 (this is the European Ski Holidays and Bergsonne is already pretty busy)

2 guests = EUR 90.00 per person per night
4 guests = EUR 70.00 per person per night

All prices are inclusive of VAT and Oberstaufen PLUS card, which is also the complimentary Ski pass. There is a small additional charge made by the local government of EUR 1.80 for adults and 0.90 for children per day, which will be added to the above.

Prices are based on a minimum stay of 3 nights during any period.

Getting to Oberstaufen:

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The nearest and most convenient airports are Memmingen and Friedrichshafen. Munich is the other option but is a longer transfer time.

From London Stansted:
Ryanair fly twice daily into Memmingen, which is 1 hour from Bergsonne.
Easyjet fly once daily to Munich, which is 2 hours from Bergsonne.

From London Luton:
Easyjet fly once daily to Munich, which is 2 hours from Bergsonne.

From London Gatwick:
British Airways fly once per week (Saturdays) to Friedrichshafen, which is 45 minutes from Bergsonne.

Also from London Gatwick & Manchester:
Monarch Airlines fly one per week also on Saturday to Friedrichshafen, which is 45 minutes from Bergsonne.

From London Heathrow
British Airways or Lufthansa from Heathrow to Munich which is 2 hours from Bergsonne by road or 75 minutes by train directly from Munich Airport.

Arrivals from other parts of Europe

Please check locally for low-cost and scheduled airlines into the aforementioned airports.

What does that Skipass Include?

The Skipass includes free skiing at the four Oberstaufen ski areas (Hündle, Thalkirchdorf, Steibis and Hochgrat). Cross country skiing is free on the tracks in and around Oberstaufen. There is also one that has flood lighting.

How do you get to the slopes?

Taxis are possible, but we would advise to hire a car from the airport. It would work out cheaper, than taxis or transfer charges. There are several rental places at the airport and prices start at about EUR 250 for a week (winter tyres are a must).

Private Car Transfer Charges from Memmingen and Friedrichshafen (Munich charges are higher).

EUR 105 one way for up to 4 guests
EUR 125 for a van

Local Meal Average Charges (As Bergsonne is self-catering)

Breakfast at the adjacent Hotel Engel is EUR 15 per person.
Dinner or lunch would be from around EUR 25.00 per person.
If you have lunch on the slopes, prices start from around EUR 10.00.

Ski Costs and lessons?

Ski and Lift passes are included in the apartment charges.

Beginners courses cost would be EUR 100 for 3 days. Private lessons can also be booked from EUR 50 per hour (EUR 160 if you book 4 hours).

Ski hire for a week is EUR 15.00 per day for carving skis.

Skis are housed for free in the Ski Cellar at Bergsonne and there is a ski boot room with dryers.

Enjoy white silence!

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