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The Spiritual Path: Leaping into the Unknown

The Spiritual Pat

The spiritual path always requires a leap to go from the known to the unknown. If man is not prepared to go from the known to the unknown, he can never be on the spiritual path.

The spiritual path, or path of self-discovery, is an adventure. There is no fun in climbing up a mountain if you know the route, but as you go along climbing a new mountain, you have all these various experiences and excitement at every step, at every nook and cranny, and that is what comprises the spiritual path.

If a person wants to go to things he knows, then all the adventure, excitement, and joy is lost because in approaching that which is already known, expectations begin. You expect that you will find this on the path or that on the path, so where is the joy of it.

The spiritual path, leaping into the unknown, is an exploration

The spiritual path, leaping into the unknown, is an exploration. Man is born into this world to explore his latent potential. Why do you want to go to the known about the known? It is because of an inner fear, an inner insecurity that you will not venture forth until you know what is ahead.

The spiritual path is so individual that you can never know what is ahead; it is so unknown. Therefore, as you progress, various experiences come about that you had not expected. In addition, because you had not expected, that is when you will receive true experiences, which are not only of the mind, but so much beyond the mind.

The path to Divinity is to take that leap where the route is unmapped, and if any person is not prepared to do that then he will reach nowhere.

Take a chance!

When the astronauts took their rocket to the moon, they did not know what was going to happen, and without taking that leap, they would not have reached the moon.

Hillary and Tensing, when they climbed Everest, did not know what was going to happen. How could they know if there was going to be an avalanche or whatever the case might be?

So, man is not prepared to gamble because of his fears and insecurities. The spiritual path is a gamble, although this is not the appropriate word. The appropriate word would be that you have to take a “chance” into the unknown sphere of which you know nothing.

Taking that “chance”, you will find everything. It requires courage and therefore, it is said by all Masters that the spiritual path is the hero’s path.  (UK 80-37)

………Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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