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How Stress Affects Your Unborn Child

26 Fetal Stages for Meditation

Certain meditation techniques could well benefit pregnant women, as new research has suggested that increased stress levels may affect the growth of their unborn child, as well as their long-term health.

Conducted by researchers at the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at Cambridge University, the study found that levels of glucocorticoids in mice – needed to regulate metabolism in both adults and foetuses – are raised by stress linked to disease, pregnancy and the social or physical environment.

Those involved in the research believe that the results may well have implications for women who are stressed during their pregnancy, with Dr Owen Vaughan saying: “The foetuses of the mice with raised levels of the stress hormone tended to be smaller, despite the mother overeating, suggesting that a mother’s stress levels may affect her child’s growth.”

Studying meditation and mindfulness could be a great way for pregnant women to keep their stress levels down to a minimum. In fact, a recent University of Colorado Boulder study found that techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises and meditation could all be very beneficial to help tackle mental health conditions like major depression.

FISU Pregnancy Techniques

For our meditators, at the seventh month we have a special pregnancy technique.  The foetus is well developed at this stage and its senses are functioning.  Therefore, the mood of the mother can also have an effect on the unborn child therefore transmitting the stress to the baby.  The pregnancy techniques enhances the mother-baby unity, keeping the mother calm.  In our experience, meditator’s babies are more content, sleep better scream less and are generally more chilled.

If you, like many women, are keen to keep off medication both during your pregnancy and afterwards, assessing the many and varied benefits of meditation tuition could certainly prove fruitful. Why not ask your friends and family if they’ve ever given it a try and perhaps you could all go to a session together to see if it’s something that could work for you. It could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.


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