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Refining the Ego Self

Meditation helps refine the human ego

Any person that does the spiritual practice that are personally prescribed for them (as taught through FISU Meditation) with sincerity and practised regularity can in six months‘ time change any circumstance in which they are placed.

For a person is definitely the master of his destiny, but not from the thinking level. The human being is master of his destiny if he uses the thinking level of his mind to draw upon that which is higher than himself: then life must change.

If you put sugar in your tea, naturally it will become sweet; so what is that sugar in life? It is that Divinity within you that could so easily be drawn upon. This is easy, because this is your true nature.

The ego-self falsifies your nature

The ego-self falsifies your nature, covering it with veils of nescience, of ignorance, so that your true Self is really forgotten, and you say, “I am a creature of circumstances.” Believe no such thing!

You are a divine creature who is beyond all circumstances, for every person can rise above the conflicts of the ego-self. He can rise above the conflicts of the little conscious mind and view them in such a way that he is not affected.

Two men behind prison bars; one saw mud and the other saw stars

One of my favourite sayings is, “Two men behind prison bars; one saw mud and the other saw stars.”

So, what happens to a person’s mind when he draws upon his divine Self? That mind – those conscious and subconscious levels that have been troubling you up to now – will assume the quality of the superconscious level, which is the level closest to the ‘Absolute’ energies.

It is like having a clear crystal; if you put a yellow flower behind it, it will appear yellow; if you put a red flower behind it, and it will appear red; while really it is a colourless crystal.

Remove the colouring of the ego-self

This mind is like that crystal. Once we remove all those colourings of the ego-self, we start realising that there are no colours at all. There is only one colour – white – but because it is refracted through the prism, you find all those blues, yellows, greens etc.

Through meditational practices a person is systematically led, step by step, from the conscious level of the mind through the various layers of his subconscious until he reaches that layer of the superconscious where there is nothing else but an equilibrium, a silence, or a quietness.

The Bible would say, “Be still, and know that I am God.” It is only upon reaching that level that you will recognise your ‘Real Self’.

……..Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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