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Togatherings – Following the Light – A Meditator’s Journey

Jyotish with Rajesh Ananda & Jasmini Ananda

At the beginning of the year, I could not have imagined that I will be able to follow Rajesh and Jasmini to the various countries for all the Togatherings. Now, looking back, I am so amazed by the fact that I achieved it and I managed to attend the Spanish, Cypriot, UK, Finnish and the Greek Togatherings.

For some of them, I had to make early plans and for the others, a last minute booking. I am not a rich guy and I have just an average income, but I managed to go to all of these heart-touching gatherings.

The experiences and the spiritual knowledge that I have gained is beyond money, and any measures which makes me one of the richest men in the world!

For those that have never been on a Togathering, I highly recommend to attend at least once for this is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself after you’ve started meditating.

Meeting the Gurus

On the Togatherings you have the chance to meet the two real Gurus, Rajesh Ananda and Jasmini Ananda, and I can assure you that they are going to touch your heart. Their humbleness and their simplicity are just the signs of highly, spiritual evolved people – real enlightened humans. Just to spend a few moments close to them and you will already feel uplifted and a sense of something cosy and intimate waking up in you. The energies that emanates out from them are touching the subtle levels of your existence and encourage the pure love that you really are to come to the fore and flow within you.

Wisdom & Understanding

Rajesh´s wisdom bring the answers for your radical question and it creates proper understanding and awareness, which we really needed in this mad, confused world. As you start understanding more, you feel like you are seeing the bigger picture. You then really understand the meaning and the importance of each of your meditations and spiritual techniques, therefore, you start to enjoy and appreciate your practices more.
Also meeting other meditators, like-minded people, with whom you may share similar experiences or feel the pure compassion for your fellow man, this allows you to feel somehow more satisfied with life.
Overall, this is such a great support for your spiritual journey and a super-charge of your batteries. This gives you strength to face and overcome whatever was bothering you, were questioning and perhaps what you struggled with before the Togathering.

Enjoying different cultures

Attending a Togathering in a different country is such a wonderful experience. The essence of a Togathering is still the same but the different country, culture, and language create a different atmosphere, aroma, flavour and character.

For instance, in Spain, I experienced the emotional expressiveness of the people and their big hugs. In addition, at the party, I tasted the homemade traditional sangria, and witnessed the authentic dance of Seville: Sevillianas, performed by our Spanish meditators.

Spring in Cyprus is very beautiful, especially up in mountains in Agros Village where the Togathering is held. You can feel the clean and fresh air in your lungs. The landscape and the nature of the place brings calmness and peace to your mind. I experienced the temperament, the warmth and love of the Cypriot FISU family.

Here in the UK, the politeness and the genuine care for others are just a couple of the characteristic of the British meditators that is a significant contrast with the cold weather. Warm hearts and sharing experiences makes you realise that you are never alone.

The Finnish Togathering was in August. We were located by a beautiful lake at Siikaranta – the view was amazing! The water in the lake was very clean and about 20c degrees. The weather was beautiful which made it quite impossible not to spend my free time in the lake. We did an outdoors meditation as well. For me, the highlight of the Finnish Togathering was the sauna. After the communion practice at 10pm, we all went for sauna (a Finnish thing to do!) and then jumped into the lake under the moonlight and the stars. Such a beautiful experience!

The last Togathering of the year was in Greece, at Loutraki. It was in a sports camp and therefore very basic, but it was a good way to appreciate what we consider as grander. The blue of the sea and the green mountains makes you fall in love with this place. Greek people are very laid back, enjoy coffee and appreciate the sunlight. Once again, I felt that warmth in their hearts.

Words fail to adequately describe the “Togathering Experience”

There are not enough words to explain and describe the Togathering experience. However, we are all individuals and each person will have their own personal experiences, and those experiences bring the Unfoldment of the Spiritual Heart. That is why I felt the same genuine warmth and love in all the Togatherings.

In our Heart, we do not have any borders or barriers and this year I have fully understood this. We are all human and no country can separate us, nor language, nor culture, nor religion. In fact, these are just like the colours on a canvas: from that pure white canvas, we add our individual colours.

All Love & Namaste …….Jyotish

P.S. The Spanish Togathering 26 Feb-02 Mar and the Cyprus Togethering 25-29 Mar – are now booking!
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  1. Gem Hassan

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with us Jyotish.
    Such a beautiful read and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you on the last leg of your amazing journey in Loutraki, Athens. I will never forget the wonderful laughs we shared together my special brother.
    Love and Namaste. xx

  2. Carmen Acevedo

    My beautiful Jyotish, thank you so much for sharing with all of us such wonderful experiences of your journey through all the Togatherings! We will be waiting for you and hope to be able to give you a big hug in our next Spanish Togathering. All love and Namaste

  3. Prema

    Namaste and Happy New Year to everybody. Jyotish, thank you for sharing your wonderful Togathering experiences.

  4. loles

    Dear Jyotish, how nice to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your experience of the Togatherings. It is such a wonderful thing a Togathering… I’m looking forward to the next one, and of course, I’m looking forward to seeing you in it 😉
    Love & Namaste
    Loles xx

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