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Two hearts become as one…


When you chose me as your Guru to show you the spiritual path of unfoldment using individually prescribed meditation as the tool, two hearts become as one. Nothing is more important to me than your forward path to peace, happiness and self-realisation.  That’s why I give you a unique mantra based on your vibration – a totality of your three principal aspects – body, mind and spirit at its most subtlest, divine level through which a powerful, spiritual force is imparted.

Spiritual Unfoldment is a process of further awakening of your spiritual or higher self.

I am your friend and confidante, and I know 95% of my chelas personally and make it my job to do so.

I am no different to you except that I have travelled the path and reached the goal.  It was my Guru – Gururaj Ananda Yogi that helped me discover myself – and it is my dharma to help you do the same.

Facing yourself is one of the hardest things you will do.  Meditation is like a mirror and reflects you back to yourself, and with the strength derived from diving deep within, you can do this with greater ease.  This is the first stage of learning to love and accept yourself.

My Guru always used to say “The purpose of the external Guru is to awaken the internal Guru” – and that is so very true.  However, having such a guide is useful, and there’s also one other element that is a catalyst in human personal unfoldment or development – the “human” touch of the living Guru.

The word Guru is formed of two syllables Gu and Ru – Gu means darkness and Ru means light – so a Guru is one who leads you from the darkness to the light.

It’s easy – let me show you how…

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