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Wonderful Memories – 34 Years Ago – A Group Photo with Gururaj

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We wanted to share this photo with you from 1982 taken at a Togathering with Gururaj. Can you spot us or Anjita in the group?

Many of the mature people in this photograph have passed on now, but many others remain.

Statistic says that an organisation usually runs for 25 years and then stops or runs out of steam. Well, as you see we are still going strong 34 years after this photograph was taken and indeed 28 years after Gururaj’s passing.

The venue was High Leigh Conference Centre, which is in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, and we went there several times for Togatherings. It remains but is now solely dedicated to solely Christian aims. We have visited a few times since then to take a walk down memory lane.

We spent most of the time being Gururaj’s cook during our Togatherings there.

We are sure Gururaj would be very proud to know that his efforts were not in vain and that so many years later, the torch for his teachings remain burning ever bright thanks to our teachers and meditators.

Rajesh & Jasmini


  1. Hank

    Great hammer of Thor, that is porlwfuley helpful!

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