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 “Words of Wisdom” – Satsangs – a Togathering Experience

Words of Wisdom

The FISU Cyprus Togathering has just finished.  For those of you that have not attended a Togathering before, we thought you would like to know what transpires.

Apart from group gong meditations and other sessions including the unique Communion Practice, Rajesh also gives Satsang twice or sometime three times daily.These are totally spontaneous and never prepared as he never sees the question beforehand. “Satsang” means a coming together for the purpose of truth.

These lectures or spiritual discourses contain profound wisdom on many different subjects. You can read some of these from previous Satsangs on our blog.

We thought that you would like a sample of topics covered that have been recorded and will be available for download from the FISU online shop in the near future or snippets as Audio Blogs.

Satsang subjects from Cyprus Togathering

  • 3 “i”s – Intellect, Intelligence & Intuition – Difference between Intellect and Intelligence and where does intuition play a role in these
  • DNA – How our emotions affect our DNA
  • How meditation affect our Genes
  • Expressed Genes and how we can turn them off
  • Difference between an Avatar and Self Realised person
  • The “Spiritual Life” of President Abraham Lincoln
  • Loving God by loving someone
  • How do we maintain the “flow” in our lives?
  • True love is more about the subject rather than the object
  • Ancient Greek Gods and Polytheism
  • If we are of the same essence, why do we dislike another person?
  • Space & Time
  • Grosser and Finer Energy, Law of Thermal Dynamics & the 3 Gunas
  • How does Gurushakti fit into another dimension?
  • What is the consequence of suicide?
  • Do we deserve to be on this spiritual path?


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