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Yes – Meditation can knock 7 years off the age of your brain!

FISU Meditation and Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain

I am delighted to see confirmation that meditation can knock seven and a half years off the middle-aged brain.

Research has confirmed that the intense concentration and relaxation may trigger the growth of new brain cells. For something that weighs 1.5lbs, has the constituency of jelly, contains 100 billion brain cells and is highly interconnected, I am not surprised.  Let´s face it; it controls behaviour so efficiently that we can run on “auto-pilot”.

The new research was based on the scanned brains of 50 men and women who regularly meditate and 50 non-meditators.

The non-meditators brain age and actual age were the same, but the meditators´ brains were younger with the average 50-year-old having a brain that belongs to a 42-43-year-old´s body.  This confirms that meditation is beneficial for brain preservation, with a slower rate of ageing through life.


One aspect of this evidence that is very important that is not explained is how this happened – why did these people’s brain respond to meditation in such a manner.  Apart from relaxation what happens when we meditate?

Relaxation is the doorway to our inner self, to our subtlest thoughts, and to discovering our inner or higher self.  Through relaxation, we achieve objectivity where we have the ability to observe our thoughts without emotion and this by itself has a great calming effect on the mind.

We use the left hemisphere of the brain for analysing our thoughts, which as we know is a continual process – the mind being such a busy piece of machinery.  But, through the special techniques taught by FISU, we can quieten the analytical process and this by itself awakens the right hemisphere of the brain.  In reality, it is already awake and used for abstract and more holistic thoughts, but because of the need to analyse everything, which intensifies if we are tense or stressed, it does not get the chance to express its full potential like, intuitiveness, awareness and perception, and creativity. Meditation practised correctly elicits shift to a different mode of perceiving and thinking.

When we are more relaxed, our autonomic nervous system is also resting, and this has a general effect on our health, giving us longevity and better health – it preserves our energy.  Of course, this has a cellular effect on our whole system, the brain included.

So, let’s not just knock seven years off of our brain cells but allow meditation to do that throughout our whole cellular system.

Guru Rajesh Ananda…..

See Daily Mail´s article on the above here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3553953/Is-meditation-key-youthful-mind-People-using-relaxation-technique-brains-7-YEARS-younger.html


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