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If you are looking for your nearest teaching centre, then please see our Teaching Centres page.

If there is not a teaching centre in your area, please let us know of you interest as it’s possible that we may be developing one at present.

If there are a sufficient number of people (5+) who want to learn FISU Meditation in your area, then we may send a teacher to you. By registering your details with us using the form below, we are able to keep you abreast of any development in your area and within FISU in general.

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FISU – Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment
International Headquarters
58 Marlborough Road
London E4 9AL, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 843 289 9898
Email: [email protected]

UK Registered Charity No: 1061185


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Our Meditation Courses run most weeks of the year, and there could be a teaching centre in your location. View our non-residential and residential courses and then locate your nearest teaching centre

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A unique system of individually prescribed meditation

The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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  • Due to bad weather the Demi-Day is cancelled as snow still heavy, train problems etc and now not improving. Apologies everyone!

  • Join us for Satsang on Wednesday 6th Dec at 7.45, 14a Chingford Avenue, E4 6RP. Namaste.

    Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017
    Time: 19.00 Hours Cyprus, Greece, Finland
    Time: 18.00 Hours Spain, Denmark & Germany
    Time: 17.00 Hours - UK Time
    Practise: You can do the Prep Technique, Mantra, Tratak or Mandala
    Duration: Do your practice for the usual time 20-30 minutes
    Gurushakti: Do at least 3-5 minutes of Gurushakti before beginning
    Expectations: Do not have any expectations, just meditate as usual
    Link Up: FISU Meditators around the world link up at this time!

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  • FISU Autumn Togathering 25-29th Oct - Space still available. Book via online shop.

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