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Learn Meditation at Bergsonne, Bavaria

Bergsonne – Our beautiful retreat centre in Bavaria

As you know, Togatherings are very important to attend as they push us along the path of unfoldment with accelerated pace, however, sometimes we need to get away from everything and have a spiritual holiday.  That´s the concept of FISU Bergsonne – a place to reflect at your own pace – to connect back with nature and enjoy the silence that surrounds you.

Here you can retreat from the busy world for a few days or longer if you wish.  However, we remind you that our practices are focused on regular people who have a job, a family, a mortgage, and perhaps children and our methods teach you to find peace in a busy and active life.  However long you stay at Bergsonne, your responsibilities will be waiting for you back at home.  Therefore, you can use your stay here for fun, relaxation, reflection and even have your practices re-checked by our two resident teachers.

In Spring to Autumn, Bergsonne and the surrounding areas offer you various relaxed walks, hiking and alpine trails, mountain bike and other bike rides, swimming or boating in the various nearby lakes, and even a local Aqua park with slides and water rides.  Let´s not forget that we are situated right on a golf course.

In Winter, this area is one of the top areas in Germany for snowboarding and skiing and caters to all levels.  There´s also cross-country skiing, sledging by day or night, and finally, you can even be drawn by horse and carriage to explore the local vicinity – blankets included.


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