Local Satsangs or Group Meetings act as a support for those in our spiritual community

Local Satsangs – Group Meetings

Satsang  means “To Togather Together in Truth.”

Our weekly, bi-monthly or monthly Satsangs, or group meetings, play an important part in assisting the spiritual aspirant on the path of unfoldment.

Please note that these meetings are not available to the general public, and you have to be one our meditators to attend. You will attend a local Satsang as part of your FISU course.

There are a group chant and meditation followed by a pre-recorded Satsang (a philosophical lecture) from our vast library of spiritual and philosophical subjects. The evening is approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Satsangs are energising and uplifting and quite often can change the direction of your whole week, month or even your year! These meetings give you a profound boost to your week as there is great value in group meditations. Chanting is the perfect precursor to meditation, as it expels toxins from the body and has a great calming effect on your mind, which often give you a very profound meditation afterward.

We encourage meditators to enjoy the benefits of these local meetings. They also act as a support system to new and established meditators where you can enjoy an evening with like minded people and deepen your understanding of the philosophy behind our teachings.

Note: If you are attending for the first time, please ensure you are there 15-30 minutes early to learn the chant.

Please contact your teacher for more details.


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