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Spanish Togathering – 26-30th May, Sierra Galaroza, Spain


GURURAJ:  I always encourage people to come to courses.  It’s very good to meditate very regularly at home, but when you come to a course, there is a certain energy imparted which you might not be able to see that goes deep within the core of your personality.  And you are never the same person again.  ~

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FISU Meditation to offer Courses in Birmingham from January 2016

FISU Meditation to offer Courses in Birmingham from January 2016  


We are delighted to announce that as 2016 arrives, FISU will expand into the UK’s largest second city, Birmingham. This opportunity arose thanks to FISU Teacher, Andreas Louca’s relocation there. Birmingham is the center of both East and West Midlands areas, which has a combined population of 10.3 million residents, albeit the city itself has

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Sofia Hotel - Sea View

FISU Finland August Togathering – Wed 5th – Sun 9th August 2015


We are delighted to announce that our Finland August Togathering is now available for booking. A new beautiful new Togathering venue next to the sea! New Venue: Hotel Sofia is located in a quiet seaside location east of Helsinki City and offers Baltic Sea views and beautiful nature.  It is just 20 minutes from Central

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FISU Meditation Denmark is expanding

FISU Denmark Summer Update


  Denmark was FISU’s first country in our international expansion outside of the UK.  In the early 1990s, Rajesh and Jasmini went there at least 10 times in one year to get things going.  Today the base of meditators have been there for over 20 years. Last weekend the Public Talks in central Copenhagen and

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FISU Meditation Kobenahven

Guru Rajesh Ananda (Meditation) Public Talks – Copenhagen this Weekend


Guru Rajesh Ananda will be giving two public talks on the benefits of FISU Meditation in Copenhagen this Saturday, 13th June (with free entry) the first at 11.00 and then another at 15.00. Date: Saturday, 13th June 2015 Timetable: 11.00 & 15.00 Principal Subject: The True Realisation of Happiness through Meditation Venue:  “Kulturhuset Indre By” –

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FISU Meditation Cyprus becomes a non-profit organisation.

FISU Cyprus becomes a registered Non-Profit Organisation


We are delighted to confirm that FISU Cyprus has become a certified and registered non-profit organisation in the country. We wish to thank our National Leader, Naruna Kleanthous for his tireless and focused efforts in making this happen. Despite the challenge of the recession, we are moving forward stride by stride and the Summer Beach Party (Saturday, 11th

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Our Meditation Courses run most weeks of the year, and there could be a teaching centre in your location. View our non-residential and residential courses and then locate your nearest teaching centre

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A unique system of individually prescribed meditation

The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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  • Due to bad weather the Demi-Day is cancelled as snow still heavy, train problems etc and now not improving. Apologies everyone!

  • Join us for Satsang on Wednesday 6th Dec at 7.45, 14a Chingford Avenue, E4 6RP. Namaste.

    Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017
    Time: 19.00 Hours Cyprus, Greece, Finland
    Time: 18.00 Hours Spain, Denmark & Germany
    Time: 17.00 Hours - UK Time
    Practise: You can do the Prep Technique, Mantra, Tratak or Mandala
    Duration: Do your practice for the usual time 20-30 minutes
    Gurushakti: Do at least 3-5 minutes of Gurushakti before beginning
    Expectations: Do not have any expectations, just meditate as usual
    Link Up: FISU Meditators around the world link up at this time!

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  • FISU Autumn Togathering 25-29th Oct - Space still available. Book via online shop.

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