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FISU Meditation is easy to learn and practice, and the profound benefits are soon evident.  The course is based on nine meetings or classes (usually about 2 hours in duration) and takes approximately three months to complete.

Sessions are usually in a small group or on an individual basis with a qualified FISU teacher. Various practices are taught during the course, and the structure of the training is explained under Non-Residential Meditation Courses.

Our 70 or so teachers around the world dedicate themselves to helping others enjoy the benefits of meditation, mainly because it has changed their lives and they want others to have this experience.

All teachers are highly trained, personable and totally confidential so you can be assured that you are good hands to take this special journey or self-discovery.  They have experience of the path, first-hand, so they will be able to guide and support you as you progress through the various stages of the course.

Class sessions are informal, whether on an individual or group basis.  Some people would prefer to learn alone, just one-to-one with a teacher, or, others prefer a group dynamic.  The choice is yours as we have a variety of options including being personally trained by our Guru´s and leaders.

Speciality Courses – Coming Soon!

We also have speciality courses like – Overcoming Depression, Overcoming Addiction, Building a New Life after Divorce, Overcome the Loss of a Loved One, that contains everything in the usual course, but with special emphasis and guidance on these subjects.

Themes such as Insomnia, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Eating Disorders are covered in both the course and specialist course, should you require assistance in these areas.

Checking & Validation Sessions

New practices are always followed up by a revision or checking session to validate correct practice. Furthermore, the FISU Meditation Support System ensures that you can seek assistance when needed at most times of the day.

When you have confirmed your appointment with this centre, please ensure you are prompt as you may not be allowed to enter if the talk has begun.  There is no need to take notes, but you are most welcome to if you wish.  All the information you hear will be repeated during the course as our method are very thorough.

We reserve the right to delay some of your lessons if you have not practised regularly as the course is progressive.  The course is split into modules, so if you miss a lesson, you might have to wait for the when the next module is scheduled.

(Note: At the teacher’s discretion, they may fit you in outside of the next scheduled course date, so do contact the teacher to ask).

Please find your nearest teaching centre to the left here, but If you need any assistance making contact with a teacher, please call:

Tel: +44 843 289 9898 – (0843 289 9898 if dialing from within the UK)

See here for popular meditation classes in London, Berkshire, and Middlesex.

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The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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