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Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, Meditation Classes & Courses

Hillside Crescent, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Teacher: Gem
Phone: 07495 859088

How to arrive at your FISU Teaching Centre

Length of Introductory Talk: 75 Minutes

Please use the map below to locate the centre.

Car Parking: Yes

Where: On Street

Nearest Bus Stop: Old Pond – Cheshunt

On Bus Route: 310

Time to Centre from Bus Stop: 5 minutes walk

Nearest Overground Station: Cheshunt or Theobalds Grove (equal distance from the Centre)

Overground Line:

Time to Centre from Overground Station: 10 minutes walk

Nearest Underground Station: N/A

Underground Line: N/A

Time to Centre from Underground Station: N/A


Teacher’s Favourite Quotes:

By meditational practices when we reach the areas in the mind of greater refinement, we are opening the window for more air to come in, more fresh air. And then we stop complaining that this room is stuffy. So we are doing something about it, not just sitting and looking. So attitude and action and meditation!

~ Gururaj
US 80-01

Karma not only involves action of the physical body, but action of the mind. The action of the mind is on a more subtle level, but it is still action. If the mind is regulated and put into a proper channel with the help of meditation, then we automatically draw on Grace. It works in a cycle. The more we draw Grace to us, the better our actions become, and the more Grace comes. That is how an individual evolves and finds greater and greater happiness until totality is achieved – self-realization.
~ Gururaj, The Master Reflects


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