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Bexley, Kent, Meditation Classes & Courses

Oakdene Park, Bexley, Kent
Teacher: Rami
Phone: 020 8302 6159

How to arrive at your FISU Teaching Centre

Length of Introductory Talk: 75 Minutes

Please use the map below to locate the centre.

Car Parking: Yes

Where: On Street

Nearest Bus Stop: Penhill Road or Hurst Road

On Bus Route: B15, B14, 269, 299

Time to Centre from Bus Stop: 10 minutes walk

Nearest Overground Station: Albany Park or Sidcup

Overground Line:

Time to Centre from Overground Station: 15 minutes walk

Nearest Underground Station: N/A

Underground Line: N/A

Time to Centre from Underground Station: N/A


Doubt and the Spiritual Path

Now, you will know that there is not a single religion on earth that would deny faith, but faith can only be brought about when doubt is removed. That is proper faith, otherwise it is just blind faith. Now, we do not advocate blind faith. …. The mind doubts, so the mind has to be appeased. The mind has to be given certain amount of logic so the doubt decreases to a certain extent, a certain little amount of logic that would say, ‘Look, this could be, this could be’. From complete doubt, we start putting a question mark to doubt by saying it could be. So we have started making progress. By that we mean that, seeing that we doubt this one particular philosophy, let us enquire into other philosophies and see what they say. And if we understand all those philosophies correctly then we come back to square one and there where doubt existed, faith comes into being, not a blind faith but a reasonable faith.

~ Gururaj

Whichever path one chooses must lead one to the goal, Even if they believe in any goal or not, the goal is there. It is always there. And consciously or unconsciously man’s search is for happiness. The search for happiness is itself proof of a person wanting to find the source of happiness. And the source of happiness is what we call Divinity. So whatever the belief is not important, because man progresses.

~ Gururaj


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