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Chingford Hatch, London E4, Meditation Classes & Courses

Chingford Avenue, London E4 6RP
Teacher: Anusha
Phone: 020 3663 7706

Arriving at Chingford Hatch Meditation Teaching Centre

Length of Introductory Talk: 75 Minutes

Please use the map below to locate the centre.

Car Parking: Yes

Where: On Street

Nearest Bus Stop: Chingford Avenue

On Bus Route: 379

Time to Centre from Bus Stop: 2 minutes walk

Nearest Overground Station: Chingford Station

Overground Line: London Overground (Liverpool Street – Great Anglia)

Time to Centre from Overground Station: 25 minutes walk or 10 minutes bus ride

Nearest Underground Station: Buckhurst Hill Station

Underground Line: Central

Time to Centre from Underground Station: 40 minutes


Believe in yourself. Recognize yourself. Recognize your true worth, that you are divine. Fix the mind on this, whatever you are doing, whether in the factory, the office, or whatever. Always be in remembrance of your true self, that I am potentially divine. And with that recognition, I will be able to capture the total Divinity that is within me. It is so possible and easy. Nothing is impossible. The guru comes to teach you of your own possibilities, to show you that you are not an impossible person, but a totally possible person. And with the slightest effort or effortless effort, you will find all the possibilities within you.

When you say a certain thing is beautiful or a certain thing is ugly, you, without knowing it, have subconsciously chosen the idea of beauty or ugliness. One man sees a woman and finds her totally ugly, while another man sees the same woman and finds her so beautiful an incarnation, a goddess on earth. Now, the woman has not changed at all, she is the same person. So what is happening, what has happened, is within you. You have chosen to see something as beautiful, or you have chosen to see something to be ugly….
~ Gururaj, US 80-37

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