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Albany Park, Enfield, Middlesex, Meditation Classes & Courses

Albany Park Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex
Teacher: Kamadev
Phone: 07795 214766

How to arrive at your FISU Teaching Centre

Length of Introductory Talk: 75 Minutes

Please use the map below to locate the centre.

Car Parking: Yes

Where: On Street

Nearest Bus Stop: Hertford

On Bus Route: 279, 121, 191

Time to Centre from Bus Stop: 5 minutes

Nearest Overground Station: Brimsdown

Overground Line: Hertford East

Time to Centre from Overground Station: 20 minutes

Nearest Underground Station: N/A

Underground Line: N/A

Time to Centre from Underground Station: N/A


Teacher’s Favourite Quotes:

When we are born, we are born with a certain pattern which is set for us because of our past samskaric and karmic values. The pattern is set but that does not mean that those patterns are limiting. Those patterns can be transcended. Those patterns can be gone beyond…. Likewise in human life it depends upon our sincerity, upon our honesty, upon our perseverance in our practices and greater and greater unfoldment can come. And when a person starts unfolding within, it snowballs very fast. In the beginning the progress is slow but as greater and greater unfoldment comes to him, his progress becomes faster and faster. Like a snowball coming down, it is small but as it rolls it gathers more and more onto itself

You cannot direct the course of love. By directing the course of love the mind is involved.. The mind can make things conducive for love to come, for love to descend upon one. It is like grace. Love and grace are the same things. One makes oneself receptive enough by bringing the mind to a state of receptivity where automatically love is attracted. So love is never a creation of the mind. As soon as the mind comes in between two people trying to direct it, then love ceases. Love is a quality or a form of existence that one is drawn into spontaneously. It is a spontaneous occurrence. It is a happening where things just happen. Love is not a creation. Love is a flowering.
~ Gururaj
US 80-28

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