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Children & Teenager’s Courses

Children & Teenager’s Courses

Meditation is perfect for children and teenagers too! As soon as a child can speak, they can perform a simplified form of meditation. In our system as they grow up, we add further, or change practices to accompany their maturity.

In FISU, we have many children who meditate from the ages of 3 to 16 years. We have whole families who meditate, and they would all agree their household is much more peaceful than their neighbours!

In the child’s early years because they have contact with their inner self, they are more manageable, easily disciplined, and generally more responsive. Of course, much of this will depend on parental control as well, but the combination of both assures an easier path for parent and child!

Meditation for Kids & Teenagers

Meditation is particularly useful for children or teenagers when they are studying. The relaxation and increased mental agility, combined with the ability to absorb greater amounts of information are useful when studying when revising or taking examinations.

Those difficult “terrible teen years” are enjoyed with greater self-knowingness, and this brings them greater self-esteem and contentment. (Also, fewer mood swings!)

In general, people who meditate, both adults and children alike develop or unfold greater intelligence, mental agility and endurance, and perhaps the most important quality of all “creativity”.

This is particularly noticeable in children, who without indoctrination, flow with creativity that they then take with them into their adult life.

The difference between success and failure is the ability to concentrate the mind. Mediation and Spiritual practices allow mental concentration without having to try to concentrate – it happens spontaneously. Therefore, the mind is more focused, a more powerful and useful tool, and this reflects in every action you perform in life.

In a world that encourages our children to “grow up before their time”, Meditation allows them to deal with worldly pressures in a constructive way whereby they keep their innocence, remaining with beautiful childlike qualities, but with enough inner strength to deal with the exterior pressures in a balanced manner.

It’s child’s play!

Note: We do not teach young children in isolation. Their parents must learn as well as we have found this is the best and more effective method for the child.

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