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Meditation Course Fees

Non – Residential Course Fees

As you can see, our course fees are very reasonable given the length of the course, and this is because FISU is a non-profit organisation and is more concerned about sustainability than profit. As a spiritual organisation, we want to make our unique and individually prescribed meditation and spiritual practices as affordable as possible so that many others may enjoy the profound benefits of meditation and spiritual unfoldment.

At the end of the course, you will be invited to help FISU continue its work, by donating monthly automatically through your bank account. The suggested monthly donation is GB£10, €15, US$ 25, AU$20, DKR 150 or equivalent in your currency. This is voluntary, but as you experience the benefits of your unfoldment we are sure you will want to help others share your experience.

FISU is legally registered in each country as a non-profit organisation.

Starting a course at our centre in Bavaria, Germany will be part residential consisting of of 5 nights accommodation and training with the continuation of the course at our City of London Centre in a small group.

Concessions  are valid for the following:

Senior Citizens that are not in current full or part-time employment

Students under 28yrs that are not in current full-time employment

Unemployed on evidence of a Job Seekers Allowance Letter, Universal Credit Letter or similar

Note: Suburban Courses are any location that does not use our City of London, Moorgate premises.

FISU UK Course Fees

wdt_ID Location Details Course Fee Concession Related Link (If Applicable)
1 Surburban Teaching Centre ( Non City of London) 10 Sessions - Basic to Advanced Level £249 £149
2 City of London Teaching Centre (Moorgate) (Group) 10 Sessions - Basic to Advanced Level £299 £199
3 City of London (One-2-One with Teacher) 10 Sessions - Basic to Advanced Level £399 N/A
4 City of London (Moorgate) Specialty Courses (Group) 10 Sessions - Basic to Advanced Level £499 £199
11 City of London Speciality Courses (One-2-One with Teacher) 10 Sessions - Basic to Advanced Level £599 N/A
12 City of London - Missed Module Session Catch Up Fee 1 Session £50
13 Course Re-Vamp Fee 2 Sessions £99
Location Details Course Fee Concession Related Link (If Applicable)


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A unique system of individually prescribed meditation

The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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