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Non-Residential Meditation Courses

The FISU Meditation Course takes three months to complete over nine sessions or classes each taking around 2-3 hours. The Non-Residential Courses are held at over 80 centres in 13 different countries.

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To begin with, you will be invited to a free introductory talk at one of our centres on “Why Meditate and What Meditation is all about”. After the talk, if you decide you then wish to take the non-residential course, you will be given dates for the first few sessions.

The course consists of 9 sessions or classes over 3-months, during which you learn the different techniques. Each session takes at least 2 hours and is held individually with a teacher or in a small group.

You will need to go to the teaching centre twice in the first week and then on average, once every other week. From the first meeting, you will be meditating and will be practising at home by yourself. These include “revalidation” sessions to make sure you are doing the practices correctly and learning new and more advanced techniques and practices.

Course fees are very reasonable, and you can view these by following this link.

Please refer to “Centres” to locate your nearest teaching centre.

Here is a summary of what is taught on the Non-Residential Course:

The Prep-Technique – Weeks 1-4

During the first week, you will learn the Preparatory Technique, a simple yet deeply profound meditation practice that prepares you mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the more advanced techniques that are taught later in the course. This practice provides deep physical rest and relaxation, resulting in a rejuvenating effect on the body and central nervous system. Regular practice begins to expand and unfold the qualities of the Mind and Heart in preparation for the advanced techniques that you will learn in the subsequent sessions. The self-management and discipline of oneself is another benefit of regular practice.

The second fundamental purpose of the Preparatory Course is to provide a certain amount of information and knowledge which will help you to understand certain experiences that you may have (or possibly will have) in or outside of meditation and to ensure that the significance of these experiences is understood.

You can meditate alone at home and enjoy all the benefits this powerful and life-transforming practise will bring you. Regularity and commitment to practise are essential for balanced, integrated growth, and is itself a preparation for more advanced practices that will expedite the process of Spiritual Unfoldment.

Tratak, Pranayama & Gurushakti – Tuning into Universality – Weeks 5-10

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During this period, you will not only re-validate your experiences since the last sessions but will learn the practice of Tratak. Tratak is a powerful tool for unfolding in you the ability to concentrate the mind without concentrating, thereby allowing the mind to become a more powerful tool which assists the process of unfoldment. In the first part of the course, we used the Mantra or sense of sound to go within ourselves. Now we introduce a new element whereby we use the sense of sight in this visual practice to do the same thing – go deeply within ourselves. This practice complements and enhances the Mantra meditation and vice versa. Also taught is the Pranayama Practice, which is a breathing practice that allows you to integrate more vital energies into your system. Pranayama helps to heighten your vibrations and expel toxins from your body, and is good for digestion, constipation, helps break up obsessional thoughts, and if necessary, helps us control our temper or irrational behaviour. Finally, the Gurushakti practice allows you to tune into universal energies and draw these into your daily life outside of your meditation periods. Gurushakti is a Universal Spiritual force which is composed of the Universal Energy Source, the Universal Intelligence or Wisdom, and Universal Love. If you are very regular with this practice over a long period of time, you will gradually feel the power of Gurushakti uplifting, sustaining and strengthening you, and immensely catalysing your rate of Spiritual growth. The effects of this technique will tend to be cumulative; the longer you practice it the more you will experience the results.

Full Techniques & Validation – A period after the Initial Course

At the final but one meeting, you will be initiated into the Full Techniques, where you will hear your personal Mantra for the first time and begin using this in meditation. The Mantra totally harmonises with your personal vibration, and you will also receive other techniques also based on your personal vibration that will assist and expedite your unfoldment. The checking session that follows a week later will also clear up any remaining questions or difficulties that you may have during the re-validation sessions. You will also hear audio recordings on relevant subjects related to Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment. An invitation is also extended to our Deepening Courses that we call a “Togathering”. These Togatherings are designed to deepen your experience of Meditation and learn more about the philosophy behind our teachings.

Procedure to Book a Non-Residential Course:

Please check your nearest teaching centre and call the number shown or complete our enquiry form to receive more details.

We will return the teacher's local telephone and e-mail contact details for you to make an appointment for an introductory talk.

You can meditate alone at home and enjoy all the benefits this powerful and life-transforming practice will bring you. Regularity and commitment to practise are essential for balanced, integrated growth, and is itself a preparation for more advanced practices that will expedite the process of Spiritual Unfoldment. Do try one of our non-residential courses or classes. We look forward to welcoming you on this special journey!

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