Specialist Meditation Courses to help you tranform your life

Speciality Meditation Courses

Speciality Meditation Courses

These courses run on-demand at our main teaching centre.

Here’s a list of the course that will be running from January 2017 of this year.  Each one is guided by one of our Gurus or teachers that have direct experience in each subject.

You will learn the same techniques as the usual course, but special emphasis is given to these subjects and special techniques that relate to your particular challenge are prescribed. There will be guest speakers as some of the session who can share their experience of how meditation has transformed their lives.

Meditation for Overcoming Depression

Depression can have such a negative effect on our lives but is easy to overcome with meditation. This course gets to the root cause of the fall of your self-esteem to raise it high again – and never look back. Read More…

Meditation for Overcoming – OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Though strongly related to Depression, OCD affects so many people and in our opinion needs its own curriculum.  Read More…

Meditation for Overcoming Addiction

Whether it be an addiction to Alcohol, Drugs, Substances or Gambling, meditation has proven benefits.  The focus on the course is using special techniques to deal with addiction. Read More…

Meditation for Building a New Life after Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful events you will ever experience.  This course is designed to not only help you deal with the stress of either going through or divorce or afterwards and shows you how to build a new life for yourself.  Read More…

Meditation for Overcoming Bereavement – the Loss of a Loved One

Bereavement is something that can be very painful and stressful, and this course is to help you quickly recover from personal loss. Read More…

LGQBTQ – Pride – Making the most of who you are through Meditation

How to be Gay and Proud of who you are is the emphasis on this course – beyond stereotypes to self-acceptance, to be stronger and unaffected by other’s opinions. Read More…

Meditation for Dealing with Long-Term Unemployment

Our back to work programme is just perfect for long-term unemployed you want some inspiration to carry on, develop new talents, increase creativity and restore confidences and self-esteem. Read More…

Meditation for Greater Creativity

This course is designed for all of those in creative jobs (Designer, Architects), where creativity is required as an essential part of the role. This course focuses on how to make those creative juices flow – and more importantly, keep flowing. Read More…

Meditation for Coping in the Celebrity Spotlight

Social media has become so commonplace that everyone has their opinion about you – good or bad and it can be painful to read it or even know that negative comments exist about you.  This course helps you deal with the stress of being in the stop-light, being criticised, loved or hated. You´ll learn to stand aside and not be affected by any of it. Read More...

Meditation Courses for C-Level Executives

This course is designed for those under extreme pressure from C-Level Roles. C-Level accountability can be very taxing -like a juggling act and mega stressful.  During this course, you learn how to deal with high levels of responsibility with greater ease and thereby reduce stress levels. Read More…

Corporate Meditation Courses – Provide Benefit for Employees

Our corporate classes take place in our London Centre or at your offices.  They follow the same pattern as our usual course, but with emphasis on the particular pressure that that role or job creates.  A relaxed workforce is definitely a more productive team, so do consider this for your employees. Read More…

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