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LGBTQ – Making the most of who you are through meditation

LGBTQ – Making the most of who you are through meditation

Course Frequency: Starts Quarterly
Next Introductory Talk for this Course Begins: Sundays at 2 PM GMT
Time: 14.00
Venue: Online via Cohort


Self-Acceptance – loving yourself can only come through acceptance

Acceptance – accepting yourself, steering away from guilt and shame, accepting those who are homophobic/transphobic, how to deal with negative people and their opinions.

Self-Respect – Learn not to compromise yourself because of insecurity

Coming Out – Gain strength to make it a celebration of your identity

Increase Self-Esteem & Confidence – Front prejudice and homophobia

Discrimination – Make better choices for you and your life

Cultivate Compassion – more and compassionate

Accelerate Cognition – Improve working memory function

Sharpen Concentration & Attention Span

Overcome Depression – Meditation is more than effective than medication

Overcome Obsessive body-image

Meditate to Create & Multitask

Change Brain Structure in 8 Weeks

Reduce Mental & Physical Pain – Meditation reduces pain sensitivity

Sexuality – Celebrate Sex as an offering and not a need

Pornography & Promiscuity – Reduce dependency and increase intimacy in relationships- avoid

Intimacy & Sex – how to attract real love into your life, breaking down walls of  your perceived self

Scene Influences – easier to steer away from “scene” influences

Convert Mind Chatter into Intuition

Love – Self Love & Love of others

Drugs & Alcohol – how to avoid addictions, using this as a way of escapism for loneliness or disownment

The Scene – how to avoid being pressured to act in a certain way to fit in

Love. Self-Love and love of others

Porn & Promiscuity – how to avoid addictions to fill a temporary need instead of working on long-lasting relationships that bring contentment and peace.

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