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Meditation Courses for C-Level Executives

Meditation Courses for C-Level Executives

Course Frequency: Starts Quarterly
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Leadership Challenges and How Meditation Can Help

Achieving results through others

In today’s world, an authoritarian style of management is no longer effective; instead, a range of management styles can be used to lead, inspire and empower people, to get the best out of them. Choosing the right management style requires a greater sense of self and a better understanding of others so that you can more effectively manage your own behaviours and your relationships.

Through meditation, one develops a greater sense of self and ability to trust your intuition. Understanding others and having empathy enables you to truly relate to people and have the dynamism to motivate them on an individual or group basis. As you meditate, you will also develop a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence, which helps you to express yourself with clarity and purpose. When you learn to communicate in this manner, you learn to lead and inspire others.

Making change happen

‘The only thing that is constant is change’. According to research, 70% of all change or business transformation efforts fail. One of the key factors for this high failure level is that business leaders have not adequately prepared and developed leadership skills and confidence within their mid-level management teams. The other factor is that many managers and leaders tend to lose sight of the plan and its objectives during the transformation stage, which indicates a lack of focus and direction.

Through the process of meditation, you will learn techniques to develop your focus. Having a greater degree of focus means that you can develop, communicate and achieve your goals more effectively. As meditation also helps develop your understanding of and your relationship with others, you will be able to work more effectively with your whole team to achieve change in your organisation.

Communicating effectively

One of the most important aspects of any business leader is the ability to communicate. Research has shown that poor communication has the most negative impact on staff morale and is also the best remedy to improve it, significantly outweighing monetary rewards and recognition programmes. Poor communication is also cited as a key factor for labour inefficiency, costing the economy billions per year.

In today’s global economy, a good leader must have the ability to communicate across a number of different teams, sometimes made even more complex when having to work across multiple geographic territories and differing cultures. It is vital the business executive can learn, adapt and communicate with a vast number of teams in different geographic territories and cultures to get them coordinated and to work together to deliver objectives.

Our system of meditation helps you to develop a greater sense of intuition and through the expansion of the mind and opening of the heart, you start to experience a sense of unity with everything around you. This makes the whole process of understanding and communicating with your teams much easier as traditional obstacles are overcome through your developed intuition and warmth, qualities that every human respond to, coupled with the confidence to express yourself candidly, cutting through all of the political mires that exist in the business world.

Managing Isolation & Security

Sometimes being a leader can be a lonely place in the sense that there will be times that you cannot discuss certain problems with your immediate team and neither do you want to take the problem home. This type of isolation can lead to a sense of loneliness, avoidance of the problem at hand and delay important decisions.

Meditation teaches you to go within yourself and draw from the energies within. Attuning yourself to particular techniques regularly will over time give you a sense of security and strength whereby you will have less reliance on support outside of you because you can draw on those energies that exist within you.

The programme of techniques that you learn will also help you to become more objective and enhance your ability to concentrate and visualise. All of these qualities combined will ultimately help you to observe challenges in your business without becoming emotionally involved. This will also prevent you from making irrational decisions, which can have an adverse effect on your business. Over time, you will be able to make quicker decisions, as you will be able to combine your powers of intuition and intelligent logic.

Acting on Employee Feedback

In every business, 360-degree feedback from people within your teams helps you to develop in your role as a leader and manager. Today there are many tools which enable leaders to receive confidential, anonymous feedback from their staff and managers, and it requires an openness and willingness on your part to reflect upon and improve your attitudes and behaviours.

Through the process of meditation, you can develop a greater sense of security and warmth as you develop inner strength and a greater sense of humility and warmth. These are qualities that you will start to exude in all aspects of your life and that all people respond to. Incorporating and expressing these qualities will develop you in your role as a leader, help you to be open to employee feedback and to act upon those areas for personal development.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is so important for any business leader. Daniel Goleman describes emotional intelligence as having four aspects: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. It’s all about knowing your strengths and challenges and how you contribute to the outcome of different situations.

The wonderful thing about our system of meditation is that it helps you to really understand yourself, to get a good understanding of all of your strengths and weaknesses. Once you understand this, you can make sure that you apply effort to those areas to improve yourself. Furthermore, a good leader will always recognise that they can’t go it alone and will build a team of exceptional people around them. In fact, some of the best entrepreneurs and business leaders have all said that the key factor to the success of their business has been down to surrounding themselves with great people and developing them. The inner strength that one develops through meditation removes any insecurity associated with recruiting people who have better skills than yourself as your attention and awareness becomes more focused on expressing yourself and helping those around you to develop, which ultimately has a long and lasting impact on the success of your business.

Improving Decision Making & Creativity 

One of the key challenges for any business leader is to assimilate information very quickly and to make decisions based on short-term success and medium to long-term sustainability of the business. One ‘wrong decision’ can put you out of business. In today’s highly competitive global business environment, adding a layer of innovation and doing things differently is what helps a business to survive and grow. Business leaders will always rely on good market research to provide them with information, but ultimately it is up to a good leader to assimilate this information and combine it with their intuition and creative thinking to make the decisions that matter with confidence.

Through the process of meditation, you can obtain more ‘head-space’, the ability to observe your thoughts without becoming emotionally attached. Over time, you also start to ‘de-clutter’ a lot of the thoughts in your mind, which will create more room for your intuition and creative thoughts to flow through. It is often in those moments of quietude and stillness that your creative thoughts flow through, and you can use these qualities to become a much more dynamic and creative leader.

Getting a Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest challenges in any executive’s life is striking a balance between work and family life. The pressures of running a business often mean working outside the structure of a job with fixed hours, i.e. 9-5. Sometimes, work can involve extensive travel, late nights and having to work on weekends. If this is not well balanced, the effects on family life can be detrimental.

Our meditation techniques help you to unfold many wonderful qualities, which can aid you in striking a more balanced life. Firstly, you will find a greater degree of focus and concentration through some of our visualisation based meditation techniques. Being more focused means that you are able to concentrate your mind for longer periods of time, enabling you to accomplish more tasks throughout the day. This high level of concentration, infused with your intuitive faculties will also help you to prioritise and work on the tasks that matter, i.e. you develop a greater discriminatory thought process which helps you to identify and focus on those tasks that will make a difference to the project in hand.

Life starts to enter a true flow

With all of the benefits derived from our meditation practices, you will find that your life starts to enter true flow. You will start to experience that there is no separation between the different aspects of your working, personal and spiritual lives; they intermingle, intertwine and become one. In essence, your life becomes a reflection of the peace, oneness and awareness that you start to experience within yourself through the process of personal unfoldment. The wonderful thing about this is that it takes away the mental pressures that you put on yourself by trying to live different lives.

Uncover more of your latent talents

Through the process of meditation, you can discover yourself and uncover more of your latent talents. The catalyst to change is to apply the necessary conscious effort in daily living to ensure that you are not neglecting any aspect of your life. Sometimes this effort means making time for one area of your life. When we speak of time, we are not referring to quantity; we are in fact referring to quality. For example, on some days, you may only have 30 minutes to spend time with your partner or child. However, if you are totally immersed and centred in that period of time, the warmth that you express and the attention that you provide will be so uplifting to those around you.

The life of an executive will always be faced with constant change and challenges. The key is to embrace the change, be aware of the potential impact and apply your conscious effort to create a balance along the way. All of this is so much easily achieved through our system of individually prescribed meditation.

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