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Meditation for Overcoming – OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Meditation for Overcoming – OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Course Frequency: Starts Quarterly
Next Introductory Talk for this Course Begins: January 2017
Time: 19.30
Venue: FISU Meditation Moorgate
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I suffer from OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and have done for many years. During my struggle with mental health, I have tried many treatments and therapies to help improve my condition and meditation has been a key factor in my recovery.

The meditative and spiritual practices that I have learnt from FISU have given me the strength to confront and overcome my fears on a deep level and regularly using their system of meditation helps me with the management of my obsessive thoughts and anxieties.

The techniques are easy to learn, and the support from teachers and the FISU community is incredible. I am always warm and joyful when in their presence as all the mediators are friendly, caring and supportive.

Kieran – FISU Meditator, UK

What I found to be the biggest issue with OCD was the obsession part.  Entering a building and touching the doorknob was accompanied by a series of thoughts; how dirty is it, can I open the door without touching it,  will the bacteria take over, etc.?

I was going through some stress at that time so that “enhanced” the obsession. Before I knew I would clean more than usual; everything had to be in order and handshaking people was not an option.

I tried therapy which resulted in either being prescribed medication or dealing with the compulsions instead of with what was causing the problem. I  knew it was the result of stress, and my mind made so many insane thoughts I was starting to lose it.

Then I met Rajesh and Jasmini at a FISU beach party, and I felt an instant connection like I was meant to be there, so I decided to give meditation a try.

It wasn’t about dealing with OCD anymore; It wasn’t about me being “sick” or insane, it was about relaxing and allowing my brain to put my thoughts in order.

As time passed, I began to question my thoughts. Every time I would touch a doorknob the obsession would kick in although now I could silence it. I reminded myself that nothing bad ever happens when I touch something.

With meditation, I realised how much of my time was wasted on non-productive thoughts, and that allowed me to focus on the things that matter. In my life, I became more relaxed, and thoughts that once troubled me concerning cleanliness began to fade. I became more outgoing, more social and I started to see changes in my routine – it wasn’t all about maintaining my space clean anymore. At work, I became more focused and productive.

Meditation rewired my brain; it helped me bring order and stability to my everyday life. It is a tool that has given me power over my thoughts and the ability to filter out negativity.

Jacob – FISU Meditation, Cyprus

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