Mindfulness Meditation VS Spiritual Meditation

Mindfulness Techniques

FISU Meditation is more powerful than mindfulness or mindful techniques.

We teach a unique form of spiritual meditation that contains mindfulness elements and is individually prescribed for each person that comes to learn.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention or having greater “non-judgemental awareness” to the present moment using techniques like meditation, breathing and yoga.

Mindfulness meditation, albeit originally a Buddhist concept, has evolved mainly from a psychological background under CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, whereas FISU´s methodology, is from a spiritual foundation or base. Our practices have been taught for almost 50 years and the same elements shown below have always been present. Furthermore, the powerful awareness and perception unfolded through FISU Meditation are the basis of mindfulness or non-judgemental awareness.

The Mindfulness Elements of our Practices are:

  • Deep and profound relaxation “restful alertness” – as awareness can only be effective from a calm state
  • Self-Awareness beyond the ego self – giving you true “Non-judgemental awareness” – a profound way to know yourself better
  • Expanded Awareness – beyond our own self-awareness to far deeper levels of our consciousness
  • Objectivity – taking awareness to a deeper level of non-emotional observation
  • Reactivity – enables you to act rather than react in any situation
  • Problem Resolution – using our self-help practices – where are you are mindful of challenges or problems in your life and spontaneously arise easy ways to find resolutions
  • Concentration -The ability to concentrate your mental energies without concentrating – allowing your mind to become razor-sharp, yet in profound stillness
  • Positive Thinking – Special breathing practices to stop obsessional thoughts and realign positive thinking
  • Tuning into Universality  – a way to connect the conscious level of the mind with the superconscious level at odd moments during the day – helping you to feel attuned to higher forces and integrate these powerful energies into your everyday life
  • Creativity – profound and spontaneous creativity through a calmed mind that has greater clarity
  • Intuitiveness – A profound deepened state of “knowing” rather than assumption or guessing
  • Perceptiveness  – Perceive yourself and the world around you through a deeper perspective of expanded awareness
  • Memory – Improved attention span and short and long term memory

Moving Beyond a state of Mental Awareness

In FISU´s methodology “restful alertness” is just the beginning and drawing on the superconscious or spiritual level of ourselves will bring so many profound benefits, both physically, mentally and more importantly, spiritually.  Mindfulness is a state of mental awareness, which is fine, but we want to move beyond that to view life from spiritually aware viewpoint i.e. we are involving the spiritual self rather than the mind alone. Diving within ourselves in the process of unfoldment involves no concentration, control or training. All thoughts are just observed through awareness without interference, manipulation or control.

Go Beyond the Mind

Many of our techniques embrace mindful practices, but our emphasis is to go beyond the mind – the ultimate goal of all meditation and spiritual practices and where there is integration between body, mind and spirit.

Mindfulness Limitations

You can observe the workings of your mind, emotions, reactions and your behaviour outside of meditation. Mindfulness practices encourage you to observe your breathing, observe emotions and thoughts without reacting to them. However, mindful practices stop there – at the level of the mind and miss the next and more beneficial step of spiritual unfoldment.

Observation – Who is the observer?

In addition, there are problems with only using mindful techniques or techniques that deal solely with our mental levels, or these “observer” techniques leading to a very important question, “Who is the observer”?  Who is the person observing or watching the experience?

Through mindful, or mental practices alone, the observer you have created is just another version of your ego self.  Creating this natural observer is indeed useful, but the goal of meditation and spiritual unfoldment is to realise the illusion of the ego and its patterned conditioning that dictates our behaviour.  Refining the ego through spiritual unfoldment is necessary to remove the “illusory” aspect of our ego and for our higher or real self to shine through, and that cannot be done by thought or thinking alone.

Spiritual practices transcend the mind, whereas mental practices restrict you at the mind level

Through meditation designed for spiritual unfoldment, as taught by FISU, the mind or mental levels can be refined to such a degree that the spiritual self or spiritual heart is awakened whose forces then become the guiding force in our lives. Therefore, we are no longer dominated by the ego-self – it just becomes the vehicle through which our spiritual self is expressed.

Mindful is not Necessarily Spiritual

It is indeed better to be more mindful than unconscious or live a life void of awareness or self-reflection.  However, depending on the person, mindful practices alone can impede personal progress towards deeper spiritual awakening, or as we term it – unfoldment.

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