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Confidence – FISU Meditation´s Coverage in The Sun Newspaper Today, 28th July 2015

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The Sun Newspaper on Confidence

It´s the third time this year that one of our meditators has been featured in the UK´s largest circulation daily newspaper, “The Sun”. Jyotish is featured here in a major feature on Confidence in the “Me” section of the newspaper.

The article reads:

‘It helped me find who I really am’

Restaurant manager Jyotlsh Dimitriou, took up meditation five years ago to help him cope with his low confidence. Jyotish, 31, from Camden, North London, reckons it changed his life. He says:

“My father died when I was eight and I felt I had to fill his shoes. I always felt I was never good enough, which damaged my self-esteem and confidence. I didn’t have the courage to voice my views and felt like my efforts were never good enough.

A friend suggested I look into meditation and explained it helps you connect with yourself and unleash your potential, which in turn boosts confidence.
I booked a three-month course with FISU Meditation ( which taught me all the techniques I needed to be able to get the most out of it.
It worked – it helped me discover who I really am and gave me courage. I still meditate twice a day. It helps me clear my head and stay connected to myself.

As a result of doing it, I am not afraid to have opinions and don’t feel like I don’t meet people’s expectations.

Now, my newfound confidence has helped me get promoted at work. I’ve also done much more travelling. I wish I’d discovered it sooner.”

Polls about Confidence

Recent polls about confidence state:
78% of women say they rarely feel confident
62% blame problems with self-esteem on their looks
43% say having a toned and healthy body makes them feel better
57% boost confidence by spending time with family and friends
45% say a lack of self-esteem has left them feeling depressed
(Source: The Sun Newspaper)

Meditation unfolds Self-Esteem & Confidence

Jyotish´s experience is common amongst meditators. Many who have said that meditation has transformed their lives and part of that process is increased self-esteem, which leads to being more confident.


  1. Sarah Webber

    I really enjoyed reading this article and can identify with some of Jyotish’s feelings. Thank you Jyotish for your honesty and openness.

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