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Togatherings - Residential Deepening Courses

Togatherings or retreats are the most amazing experience! They are not for non-meditators as the one stipulation is that you meditate under our system.

It is very hard to describe in words the wonderful and powerful experience you will have on one of these Togatherings. The itinerary is quite intense and includes sessions of group Gong Meditations which help deepen our experience of meditation, group teaching sessions to revalidate your experience of your practices, and to correct any bad habits that may have formed! There are two periods daily where you are able to put your questions to Rajesh Ananda on any subject. These talks are called Satsangs. (Satsang means; to come together to experience Truth) These are taped and are available by download from within this shop.

As the Togathering Unfolds, an incredible, almost tangible energy forms between everyone. This is heightened by the presence of Rajesh Ananda and Jasmini Ananda and in this atmosphere your soul begins to soar to new heights. In this process it cleanses and purifies. Matters that you would find hard to face under your normal daily circumstances confront you and you are able to deal with them in this congenial atmosphere of love and support.

The feeling that FISU is a worldwide extended family is definitely felt. (Not only because of the presence of some of our meditators from abroad), but by the common denominator between us of – “open heart”. Meditators radiate this warmth of open heartedness from within, and when this is intensified in this congenial atmosphere, it pours in greater degree from within adding to this electric atmosphere. It will be a meditation retreat to remember.

Everyone is lifted by the powerful spiritual atmosphere to new levels of Unfoldment and understanding.

It is a life transforming experience – not to be missed!

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    Togathering Installment Payments – Multiples of £10

    This new facility gives you the opportunity of adding money as and when you are able and this will be credited towards your Togathering account. Please do not assume that you are booked on a Togathering just by crediting money. You need to advise us of your attendance of your chosen Togathering venue well in advance. One month before your booked Togathering we will require the balance minus the funds in your account. (Togathering booking conditions will also apply in the event of cancellations etc).

    Note: This facility is only available to UK Meditators or Meditators from abroad attending a UK Togathering.


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The world's only individually prescribed meditation system. Your personal transformation is expedited as your will receive a unique set of individually prescribed meditation, mindful and spiritual practices

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    The reason we suffer is that we do not realise that we are Divine and that Divine energy does everything. Separation is created by the clouds of the mind – nothing else.

    Once those clouds evaporate by the force that meditation and spiritual unfoldment ignite, our inner sunshine will evaporate the clouds. Then, we no longer feel separation and live in oneness with Divinity, with nature and the universe.

    It’s easy – let me show you how….. come and live in the sunshine!

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    Meditation is a powerful healer; it allows the body to reach a state of integrated harmony, which creates a state of regeneration.

    When we become ill, we generally turn towards allopathic prescription medication as this is the norm for our current society.

    Meditation can cure and even prevent some diseases as every time we meditate we draw energies to heal us mentally and physically, and it draws us closer to the universal, spiritual source within.

    90% of all diseases and illnesses are either caused or aggravated by stress, and meditation is a great way to reduce the impact negative emotions have on our body and nervous system.


    Changes happen in the brain and then in the body.

    When we meditate and experience peace and calm, our system naturally releases neurotransmitters and hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine which help stabilise our immune system and regenerate our energy systems, and that’s why we have more energy during our waking state. It also prevents the release of adrenaline and cortisol, which are entirely onerous on the body and slow to metabolise.


    Cortisol receptors that are in every cell of our system receive the cortisol and use the hormone in different ways that are proof by itself that stress and its consequences are both mental and organic at the same time – connecting stress directly to the physical body.

    Meditation also leads people to want to discover themselves, find inner peace, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual unfoldment and is highly recommended if you are experiencing a period of difficulty or confusion in your life.

    It’s easy – let me show you how…

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    As we promised you many times and on your very last visit to our home just a month before your passing, we would continue to strive to make your message and teachings known to the world!

    30 years on, there are thousands of your children and hundreds of teachers around the world that are experiencing the benefits of your teachings and it has transformed their lives.

    We and our teachers are doing this and will continue to do so and working tirelessly against every conceivable obstacle to make this happen. Your message vibrates and reverberates in the hearts of all of us.

    On this day of your spiritual birthday (the day you entered Nivrikalpa Samadhi), we celebrate your life which has been an offering to us all and of course, to the world. Thank you for what you have given us.

    All Love & Namaste

    Your FISU Children

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