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FISU Denmark Day Intensive – Sat, 05th March 2011 – Køge, Danmark

Come and join us for a very special day – a day that will help you transform your life into something very special.

Our Day Intensives are an uplifting and profound experience. Not only will you experience the warmth of the FISU family, but this is a perfect opportunity to experience what FISU is all about – a world leading authority on Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment – the art of living a spiritual life in a seemingly material world!

Our group chants are very enjoyable and there is great benefit when practised in a group. Gong meditations are something very unusual and give a very deep and tranquil meditation.

Being in the presence of Rajesh & Jasmini is always an uplifting experience and their sessions are invaluable to the spiritual aspirant – combining the highest spiritual truths with daily practical living. It is the perfect day to see your life from a different perspective.

Sometimes we can’t seem to rise above our own personal experiences for long enough to do something constructive about them. This day is an opportunity to do just that – rise above and get a better perspective on life.

Problems with regularity? A perfect day for getting back on track!
If you have become irregular or have forgotten some of your practices, then this is the perfect day to get back on track.

Irregularity happens to many of us at some stage on the path and we sometimes need encouragement to get back on track. This day is perfect for just that. The profound benefits of meditation will only come through regularity. Therefore, if you are having problems achieving this then join us for this special day and turn your life around in a few hours. You´ll definitely have a different perspective by the time you leave!

Do join us – it’ll be a day to remember!

Important Note: FISU Day Intensives are not available to the general public, and you have to be one our meditators to attend.

Venue & timings:
The Day Intensive is located at “EUC Sjælland, Lyngvej 25, 2200 Køge”. This will cost 750 Dkr. excl. evening meal, which will be Chinese and cost 135Dkr. extra.
The time for the Day Intensive will be from 9.00 in the morning, starting with coffee/tea and ending 19.00 in the evening. After 19.00 – dinner will be served, for those that have chosen this.


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